A grieving mother is issuing an alarming warning after her precious thirteen-year-old daughter was taken too soon by sepsis. Initially, the mom thought that her child had nothing worse than a normal bug or flu but has now become an advocate for raising awareness about this “hidden killer” disease following the sudden passing of her beloved and beautiful teen in hospital due to a bacterial infection.

Thirteen-year-old Lauren Menzies from the United Kingdom was lying on her couch with what appeared to be nothing more than the common flu – until things took an unexpected turn. Her mother quickly realized how much worse off her daughter really was, and rushed her to the hospital, where she fought for life against a devastating infection of her blood that ultimately sealed its fate far too soon.

As soon as she realized her daughter was ill, Mom quickly took her to the hospital; however, twelve hours had passed before then. Sadly, within just a few short days of arriving at the medical center, her little girl was gone.

Sarah, her mom, stated, “A fight that, unfortunately, she was to lose less than six days later.”

After their daughter, Lauren’s heart-breaking death caused by sepsis in 2019, her parents have been devoted to making sure that no other parent has to go through the same anguish. To this end, they’ve started a fundraising page for Sepsis Research FEAT and are taking on several challenges to raise awareness and funds.

Sarah articulated on her fundraising page, “Our daughter, Lauren, was a typical cheeky beautiful, and healthy thirteen-year-old girl. Then she caught the flu, which then turned to sepsis. One minute she was on the settee at home, watching Modern Family and complaining about the flavor of Lucozade she had bought. Less than 12 hours later, she was fighting for her life at Alder Hey. A fight that, unfortunately, she was to lose less than six days later.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Sarah admitted that initially, she had thought her daughter was only dealing with a common stomach bug when she took her to the hospital.

“When I took her in, I was worried I was overreacting a bit. There was so much (illness) going around. I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary. She’d been at her dance class on Monday and a drama production on a Tuesday, so there was no indication it was anything more serious than a tummy bug. Then she went downhill so quickly.”

Mom warned that although the flu and other illnesses can be managed, it’s important to never take your health for granted. If you feel something might be more serious than a cold or the flu, seek medical attention immediately instead of writing it off – it could be sepsis! Be sure to visit a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare providers as quickly as possible.