Lauren Berty is a mother who wants the best for her twins, but she has come under fire recently after revealing on social media that when her twins sleep, she puts them in different cribs. She does this because if they share a crib, they often get into fights with each other which prevent them from getting restful sleep.

The mother from Richmond, Virginia posts videos of her two twins–Shiloh and Ever-Grace Berty–across her TikTok platform.

The 35-year-old mother of three was met with harsh criticism when she shared that her twins slept in separate cribs. In response to the negative backlash, she decided to upload video footage from her nanny camera which captured the twins cuddling one moment and brawling the next. The young children had to be separated for their own safety and so they could get a better night’s sleep.

“The twins like cuddling and kissing and I’d get a lot of comments from people saying, ‘Why do you keep them separated in their cribs?’”

The now-viral TikTok video starts with Berty’s twins cuddling sweetly together. soft camerawork and an emotional musical score make it clear that this is a touching moment between siblings. But then the mood changes abruptly as the video cuts to the twins yanking each other’s hair out and biting fingers in vicious fights whenever they’re left alone in their crib. This provides some much-needed comic relief after such an intense beginning.

Mom’s twins are strikingly different at night. By day, they are loveable and affectionate with each other. But as soon as the sun goes down, they become monsters that fight and hurt one another until mom intervenes.

Mom continued, “It was funny to me. Yes, they love each other, but they fight just as hard. So I decided to put all the videos from the baby monitor together. I got moments where they weren’t being super lovey-dovey and having real twin sister moments.”

To her surprise, many people adored her videos of the twins.

“It was a response to people asking why I don’t let them sleep in the same crib. The video also shows the two sides of sibling relationships. I’ve had so many mothers of twins reach out to say ‘your girls get on so well, I feel like my twins hate each other.’ I wanted to show people the two sides to raising twins. I already show the good stuff, so I wanted to show that my twins aren’t perfect and always in this blissful lovey state every day.”

Mom thinks that one of her twins is more aggressive than the other.

Lauren Berty stated: “Ever-Grace will one day probably want to kill me for saying this, but it’s true – she’s the most emotional one. She’s the first to want to hug and kiss, but also the first to start every fight. Every single fight involves her going for it and Shiloh not really reacting for a little bit. I love Ever-Grace, but she is my emotional twin. She will love you and start a fight with you at the drop of a dime.”