In a shocking incident that unfolded in Bolton, Greater Manchester, a famished mother’s attempt to try a popular food hack turned into a nightmare, leaving her with lifelong scars. Shafia Bashir, a 37-year-old mother, experienced an explosion that transformed a seemingly harmless poached egg into a source of agony. This unfortunate incident occurred while she was following a viral TikTok trend that had captured the attention of countless individuals. The Chinese-owned social media video-sharing app had unwittingly become the platform for a potentially dangerous method.

The sequence of events began with Bashir pouring boiling water into a mug and delicately placing the egg within. She then proceeded to microwave the entire concoction for several additional minutes until the egg achieved thorough doneness. However, things took a disastrous turn when she innocently decided to place a cold spoon on top of the egg, triggering a catastrophic explosion akin to a scorching lava fountain. The woman’s face bore the brunt of this egg-splosion, resulting in severe burns and scarring on the entire right side.

Despite seeking immediate medical attention at the emergency room, Bashir continued to endure excruciating pain even twelve hours later. Her face began peeling, leaving behind a charred and blackened complexion, serving as a constant reminder of the harrowing incident.

Fortunately, time has healed the physical wounds of this brave mother, but the emotional scars remain. With a deep sense of responsibility, she now feels compelled to caution others against attempting this perilous culinary endeavor. Bashir earnestly urges people to steer clear of the viral TikTok cooking trend and, in particular, advises against microwaving poached eggs due to the inherent risk of explosion if proper caution is not exercised.

Reflecting on her traumatic experience, she expressed her deep concern, saying, “I simply don’t want anyone else to go through what I endured just because it’s trending on TikTok. The pain I felt was unparalleled, and it was an absolutely terrifying time for me. As soon as I placed the cold spoon on the egg, it exploded violently, scalding me in the process. I hurriedly ran my face under the tap and had to rely on a friend to take care of my daughter while I rushed to the emergency room. Thankfully, my face has healed without leaving any visible scars. I used whatever remedies I could find, including Vaseline and Sudocrem, to aid the healing process.”

Shafia Bashir revealed that she had been using this cooking method for three years without incident until the ill-fated day of May 12, 2023, when hunger and a craving for a microwave-cooked poached egg led to her unfortunate mishap. Recalling the origins of this method, she shared, “I followed the same steps I always did. I had already made the toast; I was starving! My ex-mother-in-law introduced me to this method, teaching me how to make a poached egg in the microwave.”

She continued, “For three years, I followed the routine: boiling the kettle, partially filling the mug with water, adding a pinch of salt, placing the egg inside, and microwaving it for a minute. When it wasn’t sufficiently cooked, I put it in for another minute.”

As this cautionary tale spreads, it serves as a reminder of the importance of exercising prudence when attempting viral trends, particularly those that involve potential hazards. Shafia Bashir’s painful encounter should prompt us all to prioritize safety and approach such endeavors with caution, ensuring that our well-being is not compromised in pursuit of fleeting trends.