Anyone is susceptible to bug bites. Some of us just get them more frequently than others. Some people attract bugs that bite as well. Well there are some bug bite that you should be aware of and try to prevent if at all possible. Ticks are all over the world and they can cause you to contract diseases you have never heard of before. Many times, when someone has a tick bite, they are completely unaware until they have checked themselves to see if they are carrying any ticks on their body. You should make this a daily practice if you live anywhere close to the woods. Tamela Wilson was bit by a tick and she blew it off as nothing, when she should have been at the doctor’s office getting it checked out.

Tamela had started complaining about sudden headaches, an itchy red rash as well as random body pains. This is when Tamela should have made a trip to visit her doctor. Instead, she let her symptoms progress to the point that she could not keep a hold of anything. Her grip was not steady and failing her. Once her family had convinced her to go to the doctor, the doctor right away started to run some tests to see what was going on. While her symptoms were treatable, no one still had any idea she was suffering from a tick bite. The emergency room would treat her symptoms and send her back home. All the while she was steadily getting worse and worse.

After her doctor had sent away her blood samples to have them checked, the results were absolutely shocking to Tamela and her family. They learned that Tamela had the Bourbon Virus. This is a virus that you can only contract from a tick bite and it is extremely rare. However, Tamela’s case could have been treated and her permanently cleared of the disease if she had gotten to the doctors earlier. Instead, she passed away from the Bourbon virus. Once she had passed away, Tamela’s daughter has decided to make it her life mission to make everyone aware of this rare disease that you can only get from a tick bite.

The disease so rare it hasn’t been heard of by many. Just three short weeks after her tick bite and she was pronounced dead. While it is not curable, it is extremely treatable and her death from the disease could have been avoided.

Tamela’s daughter is on a mission to make everyone aware of this disease and other disease that you can contract from ticks as well as parasites. People need to be aware that if you have received a bite from a tick or a parasite, getting to the doctor after the first sign of a problem is your best bet. Letting your tick or parasite bite go untreated and ignoring the signs has proved to be fatal. You should always have a doctor check you out after you have discovered a tick bite.