People with Alopecia have been drastically hoping for a cure, or at least a better way to deal with their problem. Alopecia is a loss of hair that is usually permanent. It starts with some hair fall out, then no hair at all. This is a medical condition for which very little can be done. Some people, however, do not let this condition determain who they are, or what they can do. Alopecia presents a unique set of problems for most people, but for a little girl named Gianess Wride it provided an opportunity to show off her uniqueness in a very special way. Gianessa had been diagnosed with the disorder when she was younger, and her mom Daniella had concerns that her daughter might be bullied or teased because of how she looked. She knew that her daughter was beautiful, but feared others may not see this due to her lack of hair. She wanted to help build up Gianessa’s confidence and self esteem.

When the school was anticipating Crazy Hair Day, Daniella was uncertain as to what she could do to help her daughter make it through this celebrated event. Gianessa was against wearing hats or scarves to cover her head. It was difficult for her mom to come up with a crazy hair idea when her daughter had no hair at all. She wanted Gianessa to be just as excited as the other students, and wanted nothing to negatively affect that day. As the Crazy Hair Day approached, Daniella came up with a dazzling way to make her daughter’s head look like a work of art. She decorated Gianessa’s head with jewels and stickers that would show everyone that with or without hair, she was a beautiful little girl. when Gianessa arrived at school there were no snickers or laughter. Everyone loved the creativity, and she became an overnight sensation at her school. Not only did she show off her beauty, she won the Crazy Hair Day. She went home to show her mom the biggest smile ever. All of the students like what she had done to her head.

Daniella feared that Gianessa would be embarrassed, or subject to ridicule, but everyone thought that she had the coolest design on her head. Gianessa was a big hit at the Crazy Hair Day, and is now considering what other things she can do to show off her beauty and creativity. Her next idea is to adorn her head with sparkly butterflies. Gianessa definitely rocked the world of her school on that Crazy Hair Day which was a long way from what her mother felt when she first started to lose her hair. The doctor seemed to think that the Alopecia was the result of stress that Gianessa experienced when her grandmother passed away. Daniella was afraid that Gianessa would start to feel bad about herself. It was upsetting to Gianessa, and her mother as well, but they both learned to live and cope with it. Daniella did not want her daughter to ever feel less beautiful that she actually is.