After receiving harsh criticism from family members and online trolls, Bella Davis stood her ground in defense of the unusual name she gave to her six-month-old daughter. The 18-year-old named her beloved Polaris – another term for the North Star – when she was born on July 7th 2022. Despite all of the negative reactions they have received since then, both Bella and Reason Robison remains proud parents who embrace their child’s unique moniker without hesitation or regret.

Many anonymous users on the internet have expressed their disapproval of the name choice, citing it “sounds like a disease” and that the “girl be ready to have a bullied baby”. Despite the support from their family, some members have questioned their decision to name the baby Polaris; feeling that it is too similar to a car manufacturing company. Bella, a stay-at-home mother from Salt Lake City, Utah shared: “When we told our friends and family almost everyone didn’t like it. A lot of people thought of the car manufacturing company, Polaris Inc, who sell all-terrain vehicles.”

For the young couple, the name carries a special meaning as it was through their shared hobby of studying astronomy that their bond first formed. Bella fondly remembers how Reason had gestured to Polaris -the North Star- right before popping the question and asking her to be his girlfriend.

Despite the criticisms, Bella and Reason remain unwavering in their decision to name their daughter Polaris – ‘Pol-air-is’ – and urge other parents to take a chance on atypical names if they feel so inclined.

Bella stated: “I’ve never once regretted naming her Polaris. To all the people online, I’d say it’s not your kid and you shouldn’t give your opinion unless it’s wanted because the things people say do hurt and it’s unnecessary. I’d definitely say to other parents that if you love a name then go for it. Your opinion is all that matters and at the end of the day it’s your decision.

There’s no name in the world that everyone’s going to like. And to the people who say she’ll be bullied – I think kids will be mean either way and if they’re mean about her name then they’re not very good friends anyway.”

Despite any criticism they may receive, Bella and Reason have the right to name their daughter whatever they feel is fitting. Although certain words can evoke different interpretations for various individuals, most parents face some degree of disapproval when it comes to naming their child. Therefore, it’s vital that these two remember not to let anyone else influence them in deciding what moniker best suits their special identity. It’s ultimately up to Bella and Reason alone!

It is essential to keep in mind that a child’s name does not define them, nor will it determine the course of their life.