A concerned and loving mother, 33-year-old Claire Elsie-Rose, often faces unfair judgment due to her choice of fourteen facial tattoos. Some people go as far as labeling her a “criminal” for adorning permanent ink on her face. However, Claire is a professional tattoo artist who helps others express themselves through body art. Despite the harsh scrutiny and accusations of being a bad mom, she has no regrets about her adult journey of body modification.

Claire, a business owner and a mother of four children ranging from six months to thirteen years old, resides in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, with her partner Jonny, a thirty-year-old driver.

Aware of the judgment surrounding facial tattoos, Claire acknowledges the “huge misconception” that associates such ink with a wild and irresponsible lifestyle or criminal tendencies. She shared her experiences, stating, “I’ve been asked questions like ‘Why would you do that?’ and faced comments like ‘You used to be so pretty!’ insinuating that I’ve somehow ruined my appearance. I used to engage in arguments, but now I simply ignore it. I don’t need to defend myself, and it’s not worth my energy.”

Despite facing ongoing criticism in her local community, Claire firmly believes in her abilities as a good mother. She highlights her successful business, a stable relationship, and a penchant for cozy nights in pajamas to counter the perception of a wild lifestyle.

Claire’s passion for tattoos began in her early years, with her first tattoo at the age of fifteen—an inexpensive fairy inked on her wrist, which now remains covered. Reflecting on that experience, she admits, “‘I was too young, and I don’t advise getting one at that age—I loved it back then, but it’s a part of my past now.”

Over time, Claire has added numerous tattoos, covering sixty percent of her body with ink. Despite receiving free tattoos from colleagues and friends, she estimates spending over $15,000 on body modification. Initially hesitant about facial tattoos, she has embraced them for the past eight years and finds empowerment in her unique expressions. Her first face tattoo was “queen” elegantly written over her eyebrows, and since then, her passion for self-expression has only grown.