A day in the life of Ellie Gonsalves is pretty sweet. Whether it is putting on make up for a screenplay or working with wildlife at one of the world’s most famous zoos, Ellie has an impact through it all. Ellie was born in Brisbane, Australia. Ellie spent most of her early years outdoors, getting in touch with nature and playing outside until she had her fill with climbing and horseback riding. Her schooling history traces a valued role in play-writes. She was cast in major roles during her high school years and transferred this to a degree in arts from the Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). During her years of undergraduate work, Ellie would model full-time. Crossing the lines between model and television personality would work favorably for the young Australian.

Gonsalves would go on to be cast for cover art in many different popular magazine prints. Headlining the gig for these companies really put her modeling work on the map. These gigs led to entertainment opportunities. She starred in many different promotional advertisements, holding down the spot for Yellowtail Wine via their Super Bowl commercial. This ad-bit helped her to land her first role in the film. She worked alongside WWE superstars in the smash hit ‘Fighting With My Family’. The film chronicled Ellie as one of the diva hopefuls. This work helped her develop a namesake and an online presence. National notoriety was something that Ellie handled well due to her normal upbringing. She also worked heavily on her design skills and was featured within one of the Kardashian’s clothing lines. There really wasn’t anything or any type of work that Ellie would shy away from.

Building this impressive career record is what helped Ellie expand her portfolio. One of her main interests resides in animals. Her dog, Daisy, can be seen stealing the spotlight from her at all corners. Daisy’s soft fur and likable personality have followers creating fan pages of the young pup. Daisy has nearly a million followers while Ellie sports a cool 5 million over her many platforms. This marks Daisy as one of the internet’s most famous hounds. Ellie’s work with animals expands far beyond Daisy. She is a global ambassador for the Australia Zoo.

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She has partnered with the Wildlife Warriors funds to help animals reach a clean bill of health and recover to be released back into the wild. This program was noted due to its involvement with Steve Irwin. Bindi Irwin, Steve’s daughter, and other celebrities feature heavy involvement in this program. Ellie has been working for this program for over 8 years and continues to utilize her platform to help give back to a cause that is very meaningful to her. Other celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Olivia Newton-John have also partnered with this program to give it the spotlight it needs to succeed. Modeling, wildlife funding, screen appearances, and fashion design; is there anything that Ellie Gonsalves can’t do? This woman continues to light the world on fire with her many different levels of involvement in all fields of work. Daisy continues to rival her successes with achievements of her own, making the pair a dynamic duo for the foreseeable future.