Taking the time necessary to prep the body for a long, healthy life is something that is not easily accomplished. Pair this with the fact that you are a world-renounced fitness model and you have a career pairing that creates for a top priority. Valeria Orsini has been modeling since she was a teenager. Valeria is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but her parents moved her and her siblings to Miami, Florida when she was 2. Growing up in Miami, surrounded by beaches and warm weather, Valeria took a liking to swimsuit modeling. International pick-up would catch wind of her successes, signing her to a multi-year deal. This contract would help Valeria get her name out on a global touring route, which is something that brought her fans from all corners of the world. With this career setting firmly in place, Valeria was allowed to pursue some of her other interests.

One of Valeria’s main interests is physical fitness. She puts herself through one of the most rigorous fitness routines known to women or men. One of her prized talents extends to the world of boxing. Kickboxing is her specialty, but she will mix in many different styles of martial arts. She takes pride in pursuing some of the backgrounds of her ancestors, who took a liking to the art forms associated with this form of fitness.

She takes a heavy workout with a side of cardio, always keeping her figure in shape. With a heavy focus placed on fitness, Valeria is allowed the platform needed to share her content with fans. She posts weekly fitness routines for her fans, giving them an external look into her daily life. Most of the exercises she does will feature videos and snippets that fans can translate into the format that suits their own physical fitness needs. The modeling side of things are a bonus when compared to her body of work in the physical fitness world.

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On Instagram, Valeria has over 4 million followers. Beyond inspiring through fitness and modeling, Valeria keeps it simple thanks to her many different forms of interaction. She shares many different stories from her past with her fans. She believes that keeping things transparent is the best way to deliver your likeness to others. She has remained humble through all courses of her life, being eager to share her successes with others in hopes that they can create the same forms of self-improvement that she has been afforded. Working within an industry that rewards hard work and talent has created a platform for Valeria to build her likeness through.

Each time she posts on her Instagram, she is able to spread an awareness and deliver a clear, concise message to her followers. Through hard work and determination, the pay off for Valeria extends far beyond monetary success. She takes solace in the simple fact of knowing that she is doing all she can to make a difference in the life of others. Follow along with Valeria to learn about all of her different fitness routines, upcoming modeling gigs, and advice columns that help people win at their day to day lives.