In a world where air travel has become increasingly cramped and uncomfortable, one influencer is taking a stand for passenger comfort. Gracie Bon, a 26-year-old model, has recently found herself in the crosshairs of online trolls after calling for airlines to provide more spacious seating for their passengers.

In a candid Instagram post, Bon shared her personal struggles as a plus-size traveler. The video, which has sparked both support and criticism, showed her navigating the challenges of fitting into an airplane seat and using a seatbelt extender to secure herself.

“Airplanes should have bigger seats. So today, I had a flight, and even in first class, I couldn’t fit comfortably in the airplane seat. This is a plea to all airlines so that individuals like me can fly comfortably,” she asserted.

However, not everyone responded with empathy. Critics were quick to blame her for the situation, suggesting that she should purchase two seats to accommodate her size. One commenter boldly stated, “It’s your responsibility; buy two seats and move on.”

Undeterred, Bon responded with a follow-up video addressing the suggestion of buying two seats, stating firmly, “Purchasing two airplane seats doesn’t solve the issue at hand.” She argued that airplane seats are too small for people of varying body sizes, emphasizing that it’s 2024, and it’s time for airlines to adapt to the changing demographics of passengers.

Bon further expressed her refusal to change her body just to fit into a standard airplane seat and challenged the critics to offer alternative solutions or advocate for larger seats on planes. Predictably, her defiant stance drew more backlash, with some advising her to buy her own private plane or sit with the cargo.

However, there were voices of support among the online comments. Some passengers acknowledged that even those with average-sized bodies often struggle with cramped airplane seats. One Instagram user concurred, “This is true,” while another shared, “My butt isn’t even as big as hers, and I still need half of the other seat… Seats are just too small.”

Gracie Bon’s call for more comfortable seating on airplanes has opened up a discussion about the challenges faced by passengers of all sizes. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether airlines will take steps to provide more accommodating seating options for all travelers.

In an age where inclusivity and comfort are becoming increasingly important, Bon’s message serves as a reminder that passengers’ needs should be a top priority for the aviation industry in the years to come.