Michelle Obama was the first lady of the United States for eight years while her husband, Barack Obama was the President of the United States. During her time as the first lady in the White House, she quickly became known not only for her wisdom and all of the amazing things that she did politically and for thousands of people around her but she also quickly became known for her graceful style and the way that she carried herself everywhere that she went and anywhere she spoke. No matter what she was doing, what type of event she was speaking at or hosting, she always dressed in a way that looked strong, yet feminine and graceful. Every outfit that she put on shoed off her inner strength while also showing off her beauty and love of style.

Michelle Obama’s effortless sense of style and her demeanor shined a light on her gracefulness and showed African American women all over the country the strength of those women that the world needed to see. She was a natural beauty with beautiful brown skin, she was incredibly educated, had poise, and could hold her own in any type of hard talk from politics to helping the poor all over the world. Michelle Obamas’s style team knew exactly what she was about and knew the inner strength that she has and her team used her personality as a way to introduce style and strength into her fashion statement pieces ad built her immaculate wardrobe.

She was often seen wearing short-sleeve beautiful cardigans that were paired with equally stunning dresses and pantsuits that put off a very strong vibe into the room and paired it with a piece of gorgeous jewelry so she dazzled at the same time. Whether it was her bold patterns and colors that turned heads or powerful mono-colored suits that represented her strength, she arrives everywhere she goes in style and grace.

Michelle Obama is much more than just a first lady, after her husband’s term as president, she took off on her own and made a career and fame for herself by writing a book that was bought by millions of people all over the globe. Her book is one of the most popular books ever sold in recent years. Once her book was published she went on book tour and gave speeches all over the country, and in true Michelle Obama fashion, she showed up at every event in grace and style.

At one such event, she was giving a speech on her book in Paris and arrived in a suit that made heads turn and jaws drop. The outfit resembled a pair of silk striped pajamas, and only Michelle could pull it off. However, the price tag indicated that she did not simply roll out of bed and wear her favorite pair of pajamas to the event. When looking closely at the outfit, one can see intricate details like large arm cuffs, crystal buttons on the shirt, and wide legged pants.

For most women, the powerful pajama suit would have outshone them, but Michelle is such a beacon of power and style that it simply made her glow even more. She paired the beautiful silky suit with black heels and simple, but stunning hoop earrings so as to not distract from the suit itself. She is nothing but dazzling!