During the coronavirus pandemic, Michelle Obama and her children are not having a good time. During an appearance on The Conan O’Brien Show, former First Lady Michelle Obama complained about how she and her children have had their fair share of difficulties during the lockdown. Although she is delighted to be with her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, they are not pleased to be confined at home with their parents.

The stay-at-home order was a lot of fun for Michelle Obama and the family, but it didn’t take long for the kids to get bored. Before long, 22-year-old Sasha and 19-year-old Malia were “itching” to resume their regular routine and go back to college.

“We were all being organized, and we would spend the days apart doing our respective work – the girls were still in classes in the spring – and so we would be working and then doing a little exercise, and then come together in the evenings,” she said. “We would have these activities. We would have cocktails, and then we would work puzzles and play games.”

The children played games and engaged in a variety of enjoyable activities.

“Barack taught the girls how to play spades. We actually had some organized things. Like we had an art exhibit day, where we all went off and did watercolor paintings, and then we showed it,” she said.

The party soon came to an end.

“Now, Conan, this was in the early stages. I think first our kids got a little sick of us, which was fine because we were pretty much sick of them. And so the summer started happening, and then we could be outside a little bit more, and we came to the vineyard, where we still are, and so there’s more room to roam around, and that was good because it helped us break it up.”

Despite the fact that Sasha and Malia did not resume their education as usual, they are virtually there.

“And now the kids are back in Zoom land classes. They’re doing it remotely. And they’re no longer thrilled about being with us,” she said.

During the shutdown, Entertainment Tonight (below video) aired a piece on the Obamas. Hundreds of people wrote comments, including these:

“Some people hate the fact the Obama’s are smart, honest, and overall Gooood people.”

“Not surprising that the Obama’s raised intelligent responsible. Charming young women.”

“Those girls are so gorgeous. My favorite presidential family. Educated, beautiful, humble, loving, and patient. Such a beautiful representation of leadership.”

“They are well-spoken, well-mannered, ivy league young women who happened to be gorgeous. I’m so disappointed that most of these comments are solely about how pretty they are, cause yes, that’s what matters.”

“Wow. Not only was she smart, but she really has a very great speaking voice. And I say the same for Sasha. I really believe that a person’s voice has something to do with the content of a human’s brain.”

What are your thoughts on the Obama family’s residence concerns during a lockdown?