According to Mexico’s head of state, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, all the issues in the U.S.A-Mexico border have been caused by President Joe Biden. Manuel believes that while Biden was campaigning, he promised migrants that they would be treated better than during Trump’s reign. Therefore, many people began the quest of crossing the border into the United States in search of greener pastures. During a press conference, Mexico’s president stated that Mexican and American immigrants thought it would be easy to cross the border, but that is not the case. Nobody goes to the US to have fun, most people who move there go to work and get a quality education. When Biden took over, his first few months in office were spent dismantling Trump’s policies that were harsh on migrants. However, after the COVID-19 hit the country, Biden shifted focus and took a break from solving the problems of the migrants. Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico believes that if the two countries work together to develop a solution, nobody would need to cross the border due to insecurities and poverty. Most of the migrants on the US-Mexico border are people from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Although Biden is more reasonable when it comes to matters related to the border, it is believed that the plan is to offer Mexicans low-paying jobs to frustrate them and deter them from crossing over to the USA.

Mexico is experiencing a massive wave of crime and violence cases. Therefore, the country’s president is focusing on migrants on the border to try and shift the attention. Once people think about the border, the president has more time to solve the issues at home because there is an election coming soon. Therefore, Daily Mail readers were not shocked after learning that the Mexican president is blaming Joe Biden. The issues at the border are mainly caused by Democrats trying to sneak in illegal voters instead of bringing in citizens. In reality, most of the migrants are not from Mexico, but they come from Central America. During Trump’s administration, the Mexican President worked hard to keep illegal people off the border.

However, data shows that the immigrants were flooding the borders because they believed that the American president would receive them warmly. The Mexican president told the US that once the border economy is improved, issues of migration will reduce drastically. On the positive side, Biden sent around 2.7 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to Mexico, and Lopez publicly appreciated the initiative. Joe Biden is under a lot of pressure because Republicans are criticizing him for being incompetent when dealing with the border. Without Mexico’s corporation, it will be tough for the US government to regain peace at the border.