North America has a Christian group called the Amish. Their origin dates back to the 17th century. They were among the Jakob Ammann followers. Thus, their name significantly means Mennonites’ Church of the Order of Old Amish. The community of Amish is popular due to their skills in tight-knitting. They also love to offer assistance to each other within the community during needy times. Despite their population being smaller, they highly depend on each other and not the non-community member. Further, they even don’t have access to technology and don’t require it to run their lives. Therefore, once again, the Amish have showcased their ability. They have come together to offer their neighbor help on his property. Hundreds of people in the community have united to help Joseph Hochstetler on his Ohio farm. He needed to move a pole barn located in his property to a different side of the rest of the other. You might think that this would not be possible to do without the help of any heavy machinery on his farm. But instead, he turned to his community for support. And for sure, they didn’t let him down.

Despite looking impossible, the Amish community doesn’t have any heavy machinery to help, and so does Joseph. However, after asking for help from the community, they ensured that the job was successfully done. Around 200 men from Amish came to offer their assistance! They went around the barn. It seemed an impossible task to do at first sight. They did not have any help from any machinery; hence the job seemed less easy to accomplish. They began by grabbing the bottom section of the barn using their bare hands. Then, they used all their commitment and strength to lift the barn, and they were able to do that. They worked in remarkable coordination. All of the men ensure that the barn was raised in unison, and they used the same rate of walking as well. Luckily, there was no one who missed their step or tripped. They even seemed to have practiced before. But it’s also possible that they had done this previously somewhere else.

The Amish people moved the barn almost 150 feet away from where it was placed before. They then reached in the other section and began rotating this barn in a clockwise manner. Similarly, they coordinated to greatly place it down carefully the same way they lifted the barn at first. The move was indeed risky, but the community didn’t have a choice. They needed to accomplish the task despite not having help from any machinery. Nevertheless, they knew the situation and didn’t want them to move in the wrong direction. It would have resulted in the barn falling and breaking on the ground. Furthermore, the Amish men risked their safety. anything could have happened anytime, and they could have become injures at the feet, hands, or back. The task was accomplished fast because of the number of men present. In fact, they only used 5 minutes to do the job! Such stories in the communities from Amish aren’t new; hence they are known to have a strong bond among themselves. It has helped them survive various challenges and come up with a solution to them. They achieve this without the use of computers, vehicles, or electricity. They only focus on helping each other when they need help.