You probably think that having the longest tongue in the world is a feat worthy of recognition, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Nick Stoeberl from California has just been crowned with the Guinness World Record title after measuring his oral appendage at an amazing 3.97 inches long. But what makes it even more impressive is that he can do so many different things with it – talents you’ve likely never seen before!

While Stoeberl works in government offices throughout the U.S., he likes to utilize his large tongue as a typing tool for emails and other digital communications. But that’s not all this talented man can do with his enormous appendage; it is so flexible that he can stretch it past his arm and lick himself! That being said, there’s one more outlandish feat up Stoeberl’s sleeve – an ability so incredible that you may just fall off your chair when you discover what exactly it is!

On This Morning, Stoeberl unveiled his Guinness World Record tongue and used it to paint a portrait of the show’s famous hosts. To ensure that no accidents happened during the creative process, he wrapped his remarkable tongue with clingfilm before picking up his brushes! You won’t want to miss this astounding example of artistic talent – you have got to see it for yourself.

Substantial discrepancies exist between the tongues of people around the world, and even between men and women. For example, a study conducted by Edinburgh University’s dental school on mostly white participants showed that the average tongue size for ladies is 3.1 inches while males have bigger tongues measuring 3.3 inches long, on average.

On the show This Morning, Phil quizzed Stoeberl about how he initially uncovered his tongue was much bigger than average.

“If you’re born with it, you are kind of aware of it. As a kid sticking my tongue out, of course, it was longer than other kids who may have been sticking their tongues out at me. In high school, I got the nickname, Gene Simmons. That’s when it kind of became more popular.”

Gene Simmons’s iconic gesture of flashing his tongue at the crowd during KISS shows became so renowned that he even insured it for an incredible $1 million!

When Nick Stoeberl was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records, he confessed it was a complicated and arduous process.

“They sent me criteria which I had to follow to the T, and part of that was going to medical staff. You have to take three measurements from the top of the closed lip to the tip of the tongue, and the average of those three gets put on a medical statement, and it’s all filmed. There are witnesses and all that for Guinness to evaluate it.”

Dining out can be an unpleasant experience for Stoeberl due to the attention his sizable tongue draws.

“In restaurants, I do try to be polite and use a napkin, but if I can’t find one, then I just sort of [licks his face]. It’s very eco-friendly.”