It is important for McDonald’s to exercise caution while making jokes. If they go too far, customers might mistake it for a new menu item. Recently, McDonald’s made an April Fool’s Day joke that went over many people’s heads and created false excitement among the masses. The item was so popular as an April Fools Day prank that many people wanted it to become a permanent menu item at McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain only advertised the prank menu item “McFry” in their Australian restaurants, so American customers may not have seen it on their social media. Hundreds of people throughout Australia have requested that the fast-food chain add the McFry burger to the year-round menu so that they can enjoy it anytime.

For those who are unfamiliar with the McFry, it is a burger that contains a quarter-pound patty along with hot and crispy McDonald’s French fries inside.

“The ultimate Mac hack now comes made to order, as we take the classic Quarter Pounder and stack it with Australia’s fave fries,” the April Fools Day announcement says. “No mess. No fuss. No worries. We’ve made it so you don’t have to! Get your hands on the McFry today. Available until yesterday.”

While some Australians were aware that McDonald’s was making a joke about offering McFries, others were not and attempted to order them at the drive-thru window.

“This is not funny that it’s a prank. I’d totally buy a Mcfry!” one woman said.

“I was so excited until I read the last part, ‘available until yesterday.’ Maybe McDonald’s should actually release burgers like this,” another user said.

“April Fools aside, this actually sounds like a friggen awesome burger. I might actually buy Maccas for once,” a third person added.

“This better not be April fools. I hate having to pack the fries in myself,” someone else said.

The McFry sandwich was discussed in an article by the Daily Mail. People left comments about the burger option, with many thoughts shared on the British and Australian platforms.

“The fries are between the burger and the sauce and pickles. Now you can remove and replace the pickles, but how is anyone supposed to remove the sauce, insert the fries, then replace the sauce?”

“So why can’t customers place their own fries in the bun.”

“Pretty easy to make yourself with a Mcdonalds’ cheeseburger and fries.”

“That’s exactly how I eat a quarter pounder. Been doing it for years.”

Do you like the idea of having fries in your burger?