Matt Lauer’s disgraceful firing from NBC occurred five years ago. He had been the anchor of the network’s “Today” show for many years, but after allegations of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” arose, NBC had no choice but to terminate their relationship with him. Lauer has suffered much more than a job and career as a journalist because according to a close associate of his, he has also “lost a lot of friends” as a result of his public termination.

On November 29, 2017, several allegations were made against Lauer, ending his career as a television host. Lauer has been attempting to stay in touch with the people he knew before the truth came out about him since then.

“People would check up on him for a while, but that’s stopped to a degree,” told a source. “He just stays to himself, he doesn’t really reach out to people very much anymore or engages them, and so he’s been losing touch with a lot of people.”

Lauer has not received a penny from NBC since he was let go from the Today show. This has placed additional strain on Lauer’s “lavish lifestyle” that he had been leading up until his dismissal.

“When he left the Today show, he didn’t get paid a penny after he got fired,” the source said. “NBC stuck with that. He’s presumably sitting on mountains of money, but then again, he had a lot of money in real estate.”

Matt Lauer was fired from the “Today” show one month after several women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and misconduct, resulting in a slew of similar firings. Lauer has not been charged with a crime, unlike Weinstein. He prefers it that way, so he has had to keep a low profile.

“He only wants to talk to people who are gonna take his side,” the source added. “He still feels like he got railroaded.”

According to People, a source close to the situation revealed that Lauer had engaged in sexual misconduct since at least 2014. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, some of acts occurred. When a female colleague accused Lauer of abuse, he was “saddened” because he felt their relationship had been “consensual.” He had an extramarital affair with a woman who worked at NBC and was “dumbfounded” when she came forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, believing their relationship had been “consensual.”

“He was really caught off guard,” the source continued. “He thought he could just weather the storm.”

Since being fired, Matt Lauer has been under a lot of pressure to maintain appearances. He’s frequently photographed gardening or taking his dog for a stroll in order to give the impression that he is leading a “normal” life.

“He’s trying to keep up the appearance that he doesn’t care,” the source stated. “It hurts him, but it may be better than not seeing his wife and kids if they found out how much this actually affects him.”