The happiest day of Jesse and Marie Hulscher’s lives was when their baby boy Adler was born. The pair from Willmar, Minnesota, had just given birth to a son and were eager to share the news with him. However, shortly after the infant was delivered, the couple’s home fireplace went out, forcing them to endure chilly conditions due to a forecasted blizzard that would ravage their area of Minnesota and bury them in white snow.

“Instantly, I panicked,” Jesse said. “I have a two-year-old here, a newborn coming home in a couple of days, and this was before the big potential snowstorm.”

Jesse was aware that the snowstorm was only a few days away, and Adler’s birth was expected to occur around the same time, so he didn’t have any time to lose when it came to getting the home’s heater fixed. Jesse left his son and wife at the hospital while he went home to deal with the broken furnace and attempt to repair it.

Jesse called Magnuson Sheet Metal for immediate assistance. When he got the company representative on the phone, he broke down and explained how desperate he was to have the furnace serviced so his newborn son wouldn’t have to endure the arctic Minnesota snowstorm that would drop tons of rain on the Hulscher home on February 23.

“He said ‘the fan’s not working, the furnace isn’t working, my wife is in the hospital, we just had a baby yesterday,’” Magnuson co-owner Craig Aurand said. “I just said take it easy. We’ll be right there.”

Jesse’s furnace was broken, so a Magnuson employee came out to repair it. The worker showed up on schedule and had the furnace up and running again in no time. Jesse could not have been more relieved that his heating system was once again operational. He was almost bursting with joy.

When Jesse told Maria that he had fixed the furnace with the assistance of a local employee, she and her husband could not have been more ecstatic. At the very least, their newborn son would not have to suffer through a Minnesota blizzard when he was born.

All that was left to do now was settle the bill for the furnace repair. But when Jesse opened the envelope, he could not believe his eyes.

“I opened it up and looked at the receipt, and it said, ‘no charge, take care of the new baby,’” Jesse stated.

She was equally startled and she said, “I was like, what? No. This can’t be real. And he’s like, ‘I know I can’t believe it either.’”

The parents posted a photo of the invoice on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

“Can’t thank them enough for the great service, speedy response time, and amazing technicians. Businesses like this earn customers for life!” Jesse wrote.

Despite all the good publicity, the owner of Magnuson Sheet Metal informed Jesse and his family that it was a simple repair.

“We didn’t do it for the PR. We just did it to be good people. That’s it. Just to be nice to these people,” co-owner Craig stated. “That’s what this is about.”