To ward off any frightening mid-sleep surprises, it’s wise to check under the bedcovers before settling in for the night – especially after a recent shocking snake discovery.

On Monday, a giant brown snake had to be extracted from someone’s bed in Kalbar, Queensland near the Gold Coast. This occurrence served as an alarming reminder of how carefully we must tread when visiting or living in this area.

Photos of the Eastern Brown snake coiled on a bed, taken by Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation, sent chills down people’s spines when they were posted to Facebook. The company was quickly called in to relocate the reptilian intruder from inside the home.

“Check the bed carefully tonight! This eastern brown snake safely relocated!” the snake catcher captioned the photos.

Interrupting the snake’s cozy slumber, it was clear that part of its body still remained concealed beneath a blanket at the end of the bed upon taking pictures.

With its head raised, the animal glared back at the camera with a discontented expression as though it was irritated to have been disturbed.

The vision was so alarming that hundreds of locals swore to never sleep without first examining beneath their sheets.

“This is what nightmares are made of,” one person wrote.

“Well I’m never sleeping again,” another person said.

“Oh excellent. Doubt I’ll sleep ever again,” someone else added.

This story is a warning to all of us to remain vigilant and ensure that our doors are securely shut so we don’t end up with uninvited reptilian guests.

“And this is why I always say ‘close the doors’,” one person commented.

“I would simply pass away,” another person said.