We’ve all seen a bumper sticker that says something like “I used to be cool” at some point. We noticed it specifically in the car line at our kids’ school. As parents, this bumper sticker speaks deeply to us.

No matter who you are or how cool you once were, eventually your children will grow up and think you’re uncool. Even celebrities like Mark Wahlberg have to suffer through the embarrassment of having their kids say they’re not cool.

Wahlberg went on Ellen two years ago to discuss a movie he was working one, but as often happened with DeGeneres, the talk diverted to his personal life.

DeGeneres asked Wahlberg about a school dance he attended with his daughter, and two interesting things happened there. First, his daughter refused to dance with him. While she was okay hanging out and talking at the dance, she didn’t want to risk dancing and embarrassing herself–or being embarrassed by him. She also thought he wasn’t cool or that dancing with him would be fun.

Since his daughter didn’t dance with him at the dance, they sat on the edge of the stage by the DJ. Wahlberg didn’t enjoy the music the DJ was playing and decided to talk to him about it, even though this may have embarrassed his daughter. He wouldn’t back down until the DJ realized he meant what he said.

In the video below, Wahlberg can be seen confronting a DJ about the music being played.

Wahlberg’s reaction to the music being played at the school dance garnered many positive comments from viewers. For instance, one person said, “I love that he had an issue with the DJ playing inappropriate music at his daughter’s dance. He’s a great father.”

If you are a parent, do you believe that your children think you’re cool? Would it surprise if Wahlberg’s daughter refused to dance with him at a school dance?