An anonymous ex-banker, who now identifies as a genderless dragon, is struggling to maintain their relationship with their son. In an effort to bring awareness of the challenges they are facing due to this transformation, they chose to share their story with the media.

The path to transforming into a dragon was not straightforward for the former banker. There had always been an inner desire to be something different, but it wasn’t until they came across a group of like-minded people who identified as mythical beings that they found solace and acceptance.

As they began to probe deeper into their identity, it soon became clear that in reality, they were a genderless dragon.

The ex-banker was filled with joy to have discovered their true identity, although the journey did not come without its obstacles. Unquestionably, the most difficult problem he encountered was his son’s struggle in accepting and understanding why they were no longer who he once knew them as. The parent tried numerous times to explain what had changed but these talks would always end up resulting in quarrels; eventually leading to a complete cutoff of communication between them both.

The ex-banker is now in a tough position, feeling as if they have uncovered their authentic self, but simultaneously losing the bond with their son. They are struggling between staying true to themselves and attempting to restore the connection with their child.

The circumstances shine a light on the struggles that people endure when they choose to live authentically, regardless of their gender or species. It emphasizes the need for meaningful conversations and understanding in order to better accept non-traditional identities. The former banker is hoping that by sharing their story publicly, others will be encouraged to show more acceptance and empathy towards individuals facing similar situations.

Finally, the path to becoming a genderless dragon has been difficult for our former banker; however, they remain resolute in achieving their goal. Their intention is that narrating their experience, will assist others to understand that being different should not be feared and each individual can live authentically.