Life has its ups and its downs. You work, play, consume, like, sleep, however you likewise experience discomfort. No matter who you are and what scenario you remain in, you have your own issues that make life even more tough than you ‘d choose. However none of this would be occurring if you were never ever born. According to Raphael Samuel (27 ), an anti-natalist from Mumbai, India, being born is a cause to sue your own moms and dads.

Thanks to his questionable remarks, Samuel is stimulating rather raucous on his Facebook page, “Nihilanand.” He publishes videos and memes routinely protecting his concept that you were born without authorization, that your moms and dads picked to bring you into this messed-up world, which’s unfair.

Some individuals believe he’s joking. Some believe he’s insensitive. Some really like him. However something continues: individuals keep taking notice of him.

Using his hallmark phony black beard and dark sunglasses, Rafael Samuel might look a bit ridiculous in his camouflage, particularly coupled with his extravagant remarks, however he continues promoting the commoner. He continues preaching that moms and dads are self-centered and do not be worthy of regard for providing their kids a life without them asking for it.

He frequently produces memes to make clear his concepts. In these images, he positions next to vibrantly colored quotes. Among his most current states, “An excellent moms and dad puts the kid above its desires and requires, however the kid itself is a desire of the moms and dad. #ParentsAreHypocrites.”

However oddly enough, Samuel declares that he has a fantastic relationship with his moms and dads (DailyMail). He believes that even if he does not disrespect them does not imply that he is needed to appreciate them in the very first location, simply for bringing him here.

In one video called, “Why am I suing my moms and dads?”, Rafael Samuel states that his mom reacted effectively to his concepts, however his dad is still overcoming it. He is “heating up to the concept.” For somebody who declares that you do not need to appreciate your moms and dads, he makes sure got some good ones he’s handling.

As “Nihilanand” grows in direct exposure and snide web remarks, Samuel grows more detailed and more detailed to suing his moms and dads. Individuals are backing his concepts, letting him understand that he is making a “asset” on Facebook images that declare, “Your moms and dads had you rather of a toy or a canine. You owe them absolutely nothing. You are their home entertainment.”

Samuel has actually even presumed regarding compare having kids to kidnapping (since of the absence of authorization) and slavery (for the advantages of the parent/owner). While more than a few of his concepts appear to lean more towards clickbait and web trolling, his main objective is to make certain the world understands that it is their option to have kids. In a world where it is practically anticipated for each human to procreate, he wishes to break the pattern and show that there are factors not to have kids too.

What do you believe? Does he have a point, or is he simply trolling all of us?