The iconic image of a young man attempting to assault an elderly victim is one that has circulated the internet for many years. When someone pushes the record button at precisely the right moment, the resulting video might go viral. However, when someone recorded a youngster attempting to assault an older individual, events took a surprising turn that resulted in the video going viral for an unexpected reason. While there will always be horrible individuals who enjoy watching elderly people get beaten up or harassed, most Americans will be pleased with this film since the elder abuser gets what he deserves in just seconds.

Unknowingly, the elderly man is about to become a hero when he reacts to an out-of-the-blue situation. The video starts with him standing outside of a store in a shopping center next to his shopping bag getting ready for his next task.

The young man in the black hooded sweatshirt approaches quickly, and the old man can see that he means business. The baggy jeans and dropped backpack are a signal that he is about to get beaten up for no reason.

The man behind the camera, who appears to be assisting the would-be elder abuser, records the incident saying a few key phrases that give insight into what is happening.

“Oh, you’re going after him,” the man filming said. Meanwhile, the elderly man delivers a very harsh warning to his would-be assailant that makes even someone with half a brain think twice about what they were going to do.

The old man tells his would-be assailant ” “I’m going to hurt you.”

The young man disregards the warning and gets ready to fight. He takes a few swings at the elderly man, who is more agile than he initially seemed. The old man dodges all the punches easily and warns him once more to stop before he’s forced to “hurt” him.

The elderly man punches his younger attacker and makes direct contact. The strike is powerful enough that the would-be elder abuser falls to the ground unconscious. In other words, the elderly man was able to knock out his attack with one punch. After knocking the man down, he grabs his shopping bag and leaves while being recorded by the attacker’s friend.

“Oh, you got knocked the f**k out, boy,” the man filming says to his friend. “Knocked the f**k out.”

With more than a hundred thousand views in less than a week, the fight video quickly went viral. There were also many comments appended to the video.

“You punks be very careful when you start harassing and picking on senior citizens,” one user said. “You have no way of knowing what war they went through or what their background is. A great many of us have not forgotten old skills or can still take care of ourselves. Also, be aware of who might have a license to carry concealed. Just saying, easy pickings may not be so easy!”

“WAY TO GO,” another user said. “My dad once told me, don’t ever underestimate an older man. They didn’t get old by being stupid. GOD BLESS YOU, my Brother. And dude, get a job, and for Pete’s sakes, pick up your pants. You look RIDICULOUS !!!”