Jimmy is a mechanic. Up until recently, he did not have much luck with finding a job. He was afraid of turning in a job application. However, he knew that he needed to get a job. One day, Jimmy decided that he was going to fill out a job application. He was offered an interview after submitting the application. He left the house early for his interview. Jimmy was waiting at the bus stop when he noticed an elderly man struggling with his car. He decided to help.

The man asked Jimmy why he was dressed up. Jimmy told the man that he was on his way to an interview. He fixed the man’s car, but he realized that he was not going to make it to the interview on time. The elderly man offered to pay for the service, but Jimmy was not looking to get paid. He just wanted to help someone who was in need.

Jimmy went to his interview, but he was greasy and dirty. There were several other applicants there, and they were all dressed neatly. However, he was relieved when he found out that the interviewer was late. When the interviewer arrived, he was surprised to find out that the interviewer was the old man he helped earlier. Jimmy was hired on the spot.