The next clip, from a different angle and with the sound muted, is a scenario in which someone merely hits the record button at the right moment, resulting in a viral video. But when someone recorded a young man attempting to assault an older person, things took an unexpected turn that resulted in the video going viral for an unforeseen reason. While there will always be horrible individuals who enjoy seeing elderly people beaten or abused, most Americans will rejoice at this video because the senior abuser gets what he deserves in a matter of seconds.

The elderly gentleman is the first to be shown in the video. He’s standing outside of a shop in a shopping center, carrying a shopping bag and getting ready for the next item on his to-do list. The elderly man has no idea that he will become an underground hero when he replies to the problem about entering his life out of nowhere.

The old man looks up and sees a young guy in a black hooded sweatshirt approaching him suddenly. He strides over in his baggy jeans with his backpack on the ground to let the older man know that he’s serious. It served as a signal to the intended elderly victim that he was about to be beaten for no apparent reason as soon as he dropped his luggage.

The man who is believed to be operating with the would-be elder abuser, filming the event to share on the internet later, has no choice but to say a few key phrases that shed light on the problem.

“Oh, you’re going after him,” says the man behind the camera. Meanwhile, the elderly man gives his would-be assailant a strong warning that might have made anyone with half a brain think again about what they were going to do.

“I’m going to harm you,” the old man threatens his would-be murderer.

Despite the warning, the young man prepares to battle. He takes a couple of swings at the elderly guy, who proves to be considerably more agile than anticipated. He avoids being clobbered by the young attacker and once again warns him to back off before he does anything that causes the old guy to “hurt” him.

The elderly gentleman throws one punch at his much-younger attacker and makes solid contact. The strike is so potent that the would-be elder abuser collapses to the ground like a pile of laundry, lying face down on the pavement. In other words, with just one punch, the elderly man was able to subdue his opponent. The old guy then grabs his shopping bag and flees the area – all while being recorded by the friend of the would-be elder abuser.

“Oh, you got knocked the f**k out, boy,” said the man filming to his friend. “Knocked the f**k out.”

The fight video exploded in popularity, with well over a hundred thousand views in less than a week. The video was also filled with plenty of comments.

“You punks be very careful when you start harassing and picking on senior citizens,” one user said. “You have no way of knowing what war they went through or what their background is. A great many of us have not forgotten old skills or can still take care of ourselves. Also, be aware of who might have a license to carry concealed. Just saying, easy pickings may not be so easy!”

“WAY TO GO,” said another viewer. “My dad once told me, don’t ever underestimate an older man. They didn’t get old by being stupid. GOD BLESS YOU, my Brother. And dude, get a job, and for Pete’s sakes, pick up your pants. You look RIDICULOUS !!!”