Man Ordered To Remove ‘Obscene’ Sign From Property Or Be Charged Criminally

Our laws in any city, state, or federal level are put into place to ensure that citizens follow these laws, rules, and regulations to keep peace within that city, state, or on a national level. Laws, practices, and regulations are necessary to ensure that one citizen does not intrude upon other citizens’ life, through action or deed. Every person thinks differently. However, many people may have the same mindset as others. While one person believes that individual posters, pictures, or banners founded on “political humor,” these items may be obscene to another person (s.) One may ask the question,

Q. Are not posters, images, and banners a reflection of free-speech? This person wanted to draw hard attention of passersby to his political views. A passerby may take a random look at the image and need to take another hard look because the image means to shock.
A.The law does protect freedom of speech if the one doing the posting does not intrude on other citizens, as in the case of an Asbury Park, New Jersey citizen.

The resident in New Jersey had to remove one of his over one hundred original “political humor” signs posted in his yard showing possible intrusion of other neighbors due to sexual connotations. These anti-Trump signs, meant to bring about a hard look at this citizen’s belief and possibly change their way of thinking, bringing that person in favor of the current administration to change their mind. This man firmly believed that his banner was only “political humor” because both presidents were fully clothed. “If the image showed both men naked, then it would be wrong.” Individual thinking is quite varied. The argument was that while he felt that his form of speech through a picture was only “political humor,” other residents saw it a different way. Others saw his banner as showing an absolute sexual encounter between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, Russian President, even though both men were fully clothed.

This man did not see his anti-Trump poster as obscene; the law saw this as a different interruption and saw this as obscene. If this resident did not comply and remove his anti-Trump agenda, he would face criminal charges because it violated the law. This violation of law was determined by the county’s Prosecutor to be obscene. Misunderstandings and varying levels of belief is the reason why there are laws. Laws help to settle disputes between citizens, citizens, and the authorities and citizens and local or federal government. Whoever files a complaint, such as a resident posting material interpreted by the law as obscene, usually does so with no repercussions by keeping the confidence of that person filing the complaint.

Many other venues are available to residents of the United States to post negative or positive political beliefs that do not come under the scrutiny of passersby and law enforcement officials. One example is to post an anti-Trump name or profile picture. This simple tactic lets others know what political stance you take. If this man posted the Biden name, people who saw this would understand in an instant that this neighbor was anti-Trump. Why would a citizen do anything to come under the scrutiny of the law? There are better and more appropriate ways to express one’s self and their anti-Trump agenda.