Newborns are very delicate beings who require to be handled with utmost care. Sometimes, parents may do things innocently, thinking they are caring for the baby, but to realize later, their acts did more harm than good. These toddlers are prone to many diseases since their immune system is not yet strong, and that’s why mothers are encouraged to breastfeed them for six months exclusively. Breast milk is rich in nutrients that help the baby fight diseases. Among the sicknesses that may take your baby’s life suddenly is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies under the age of one year, especially 0-4months, are at higher risks of SIDS. Therefore, parents are called forth to be cautious when handling the babies. For example, co-sleeping with newborns is highly discouraged since they may inhale carbon dioxide, increasing its content in their blood levels, which most of them cannot handle. Also, sleeping position matters and one that doesn’t allow your toddler to breathe well may lead to SIDS. In the United States, at least two thousand babies die each year of SIDS.

David and Beverly are among couples who lost their loved ones from SIDS. By the time they were sleeping, their baby, Karson Winter, was very healthy, and David’s wife placed him on the cot and by 5.30 am, the baby woke up. Just like any other parent would do, David took his son and went downstairs with him. He placed the little Karson on the sofa as he prepared him something to eat. To allow the bottle to warm well, he went back to his son, picked him up, and sat on the sofa while holding him. As a new parent, David wanted to spend as much time as possible with his son. He was always amazed by the little angle and used to admire holding the baby. As he held him even before the baby’s bottle warmed up, the baby fell asleep, and since Hulley wanted to bond with his son, they laid together on the sofa. When David Hulley woke up, he couldn’t believe what he saw; his newborn son wasn’t responding. Shocked by the occurrences, Hulley hurriedly went upstairs to his wife, explaining that all wasn’t well with their son. Beverly tried her best to give the first fruit of her womb first aid, but all in vain. This left the young couple with no option but to take their newborn to the hospital for an emergency examination. On reaching the hospital, the baby was given first attention since it was an emergency case.

Doctors tried to bring back Karson, but efforts to revive him proved futile, and the young handsome Karson Winter was pronounced dead. The couple couldn’t believe they were experiencing every parent’s nightmare: Losing their firstborn, whom they loved very much. According to doctors, Karson Winter died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Though Karson’s mother had a difficult pregnancy since his long bones were shorter than usual, specialists assured the couple that it was nothing to cause alarm. Despite the boy having less weight at birth than his mates, he was a very normal baby and suffered from no serious illness; only cold. As a parent though co-sleeping may give you peace of mind that your baby is safe when beside you, as David thought, this is a dangerous act since you expose that little being to risks of SIDS.