The exact quantity of wrongfully convicted individuals in the criminal justice system is unknown, but it’s far too many. Sidney Holmes, a 57-year-old man from Florida, was recently exonerated after serving thirty-four years for an armed robbery conviction that he didn’t commit; he was pardoned to his freedom with a 400-year prison sentence lifted off his shoulders! After further investigation by the state of Florida, Holmes was found innocent as can be – akin to a butterfly ascending into the sky.

After years of incarceration, Holmes was freed from prison to the tearful embraces and joyous reunion with his elderly mother. His release was a long overdue result of being wrongly identified in a 1988 carjacking line-up that led to an incorrect conviction by a Florida jury in April 1989 on charges of armed robbery. Despite never having committed the crime he was charged with, it took decades before Holmes walked free out of Broward County Main Jail on Monday – finally vindicated after all those harsh years behind bars.

After a violent carjacking that involved the use of a firearm to threaten the life of its victim, Florida law enforcement was on high alert and quickly targeted Holmes simply for driving a vehicle resembling the one used in this heinous act.

Back in 2020, Holmes and his legal team worked diligently to contact the State Attorney’s Office Conviction Review Unit to prove that he was “factually innocent”. Consequently, prosecutors reexamined his case and confirmed without a doubt that he was wrongfully convicted of a crime for which he served four hundred years.

Despite potentially harboring ill will towards the state of Florida, Holmes affirmed upon his release that he was not carrying any resentment.

“I can’t have hate,” he stated. “Just have to keep moving.”

After Holmes was detained in 1988, six individuals provided testimony that he had been at his family’s residence when the carjacking occurred and thus wasn’t involved. The victim initially couldn’t pick out Holmes from a 6-picture lineup either. It was only until Florida authorities conducted another sequence of lineups with the help that the victim chose an image of him. To ensure they got their man, these officers included Holmes in multiple lineups until finally, one stuck.

Despite a dearth of evidence indicating Holmes was responsible for the carjacking, he was still found guilty and faced an astounding four hundred years behind bars. Prosecutors had initially petitioned to throw him in prison for 825 years considering his past record of armed robbery from 1984.

In Florida, exonerees are legally entitled to a generous sum of $50,000 annually for every year they were wrongfully imprisoned. Unfortunately, the state has chosen to not provide such recompense – out of eighty-four innocent people exonerated from incarceration thus far, only ten have received financial compensation.