There are numerous entertaining films accessible on the internet, aside from pranks. Another person’s comical bad luck gives us a strange sense of pleasure. In fact, we may not dispute that laughter can be the finest medicine for alleviating the monotony of daily existence.

There are times, on the other hand, when pranks are necessary and aren’t just for fun. A resident of Tacoma, Washington, plays a box prank on his front porch in an attempt to frighten off his most recent intruders.

According to reports, the man’s porch has been the scene of a few robberies, including Jeep parts he has bought. They will find that stealing from private property does not go unpunished by Jaireme Barrow.

Jaireme got fed up with the burglars’ racket and resolved to take matters into his own hands after learning about it. He gathered a variety of gear he would require, including 12-gauge blank shotgun shells, fishing line, bricks, a wooden box, an aluminum carrying vessel for the blanks, a tiny plate, and to top it all off, a cardboard box.

It’s time to discover why this guy took the step he believed was necessary at the time. And naturally, in order to document his experiment, he elected to film it.

In the first scene of this video, there is a guy in his hoodie walking up the steps to the main entrance. We can see that while we wait for the hooded man to arrive, the camera has switched to capture the moment as he was picking up a box that did not belong to him.

All of a sudden, a burning sound frightens away the would-be robber as he prepares to take the cardboard box. It looks like the guy is in such a state of shock that he even loses his balance as he goes outside.

We then see a lady get out of her car and walk up to the identical porch. She cautiously approaches the front porch to receive the package when she gets there. When she hears the intimidating sound of Mr Blankshooter’s blank shotgun blast, she flees in a hurry.

Barrow’s set is ready. The female thief, like the prior one, is given precisely her own dose of medicine for attempting to steal someone else’s package.

When the heat is turned up to 11, you’ll be thrilled to learn that it can still get more insane. Another crook appears from the bushes

This female thief appears to have been working with two other men this time, as she was accompanied by two others. As soon as she sees an opening, she rushes toward the package left on the porch by Mr. Barrow. She flees until she is overcome with fear from the hissing sound when she scampers out of the yard. Anyone who steals from someone else’s home is breaking the law.

It’s difficult to dispute that she was deserving of what befell her. Mr. Barrow made a good decision in regaining control of the situation.

Last to be filmed was a large man in an overcoat and cap who emerged from his silver vehicle and attempted to steal the package. He, too, wanted to steal the bundle since he had no idea what would happen next. It’s déjà vu all over again, as another thief flees in terror.

It’s incredible to think that so many individuals wanted to steal a package that didn’t belong to them in the first place!

This guy decided that playing a joke was the best response to his problem. This should serve as a deterrent to anyone else attempting to acquire other people’s belongings since it is a crime. Of course, you have no clue what kind of joke they’ve planned for you.

This example can teach anyone a crucial lesson: don’t be overprotective with your possessions.