In a unique attempt to grapple with the tragic loss of his wife, Indrani, who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s 65-year-old Tapas Sandilya has committed to fulfilling her dying wish. Before she passed away she had requested that he create a silicone replica of herself so that he can have her by his side even in death.

With the firm intention of granting his wife’s wish, Sandilya created a nearly identical model that sits in Indrani’s favored spot on their living room sofa – wearing her most beloved garments.

After six months and an approximate cost of $3,000, the silicone model Indrani envisioned for herself after seeing statues in museums came to life. This 66-pound masterpiece perfectly captures her essence!

“It was then Indrani told me of her desire for a similar statue of her if she happened to pass away before me,” stated Sandilya. “I just wanted to fulfill her wish.”

Sandilya isn’t alone in his choice to make a silicone model of a passed loved one; recently, an Indian man had the same idea after his wife died in a car crash. The lifelike quality was so uncanny that many of his friends initially thought it was really her!

When a Chinese widower tragically lost his wife, he wanted to keep her memory alive. He sought out a sex doll manufacturer and asked them to create an exact replica of his late wife as she was in her younger years. When that model eventually wore out over time, the loving husband had another one made so that he could continue cherishing their love forevermore.

At first glance, these silicone models may appear strange as a way of dealing with the grief from losing someone you love. Yet to some, they can be a source of solace and familiarity in this difficult time; bereavement following the loss of a husband or wife is no simple challenge. To ensure that your loved one’s memory remains alive and present, many people seek out meaningful ways to continue celebrating their life.

By creating a silicone model of their beloved, Sandilya and other grievers have the opportunity to experience a profound bond with the person they have lost.

Though not everyone may accept or comprehend the resolution to fabricate a silicone model of a passed loved one, for those who have decided upon it, this is an intimate choice that helps them recognize peace and understanding in their sorrow. It could seem peculiar or even detrimental to some; however, those who choose this path are simply attempting to find solace during difficult times.

Ultimately, it is essential for individuals to identify what works best for them and to do whatever brings peace in troubled times.