Winter provides the best opportunity to test your skills with slow cooker crockpot recipes.

Your recipe will consist of white onion, flank steak, garlic, one cup of beef or chicken broth, half a cup of brown sugar, quarter a cup of soy sauce, and one tablespoon of sesame oil.

You will also need white rice, red pepper flakes, and two cups of fresh broccoli.

You will be required to chop the garlic and the white onion into small pieces. Maintaining a firm grip on the knife is important. You have to peel the white onion before cutting it.

The next step involves slicing the flank steak into small pieces. After slicing the steak and chopping the garlic and onions, put all of them in the crockpot. Mix the soy sauce, broth, and brown sugar until it dissolves. Add the sesame oil and stir the mixture.

After that, add some pepper flakes to the mix. If you want your meal to be spicy, add another tablespoon. It is now time to pour the mixture into the crockpot. You may add some ginger to the mix to add some flavor.

Steam your broccoli as your ingredients cook on low heat. You may use this time to make white rice. Feel free to add some cornstarch to the meal if the soup is not thick enough.

When serving the meal, let the white rice be at the bottom. The meat mix will follow and finally the steamed broccoli. Enjoy the meal.