Today We Are Going To Learn How To Make Homemade Bread Right From the Oven

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make homemade bread? Today we ate going to explore that very subject. We also want to explore this subject in the simplest of ways possible. That way even the most novice of bakers and cooks can learn about it. Baking should not be hard.

Baking should be fun and exciting. Why do you think so many people enjoy doing it?

What are you going to need?

1) You will need at least seven cups of bread flour. Now, you might want to increase or decrease that amount depending on the number of people eating. You can find an exact number by looking up the people it serves.

2) You will need at least 3 cups water.

3) You need two tablespoons of instant yeast. You can buy the packs( and it will be about two).

4) You need 3 teaspoons of salt, and you need two tablespoons of oil.

You bake it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees.

There are videos you can view online for making it. This one( is great for beginners. I figure it is better to for you to watch it for yourself instead of trying to explain it to you.

Five Tips For Making Homemade Bread At Home

1) The first thing you want to do is read the instructions or view the instructions in the video. The last thing you want to do(especially if you are a beginner) is to do it on your own. I know some of you like to make it up as you go along. However, this is not the time or place for that.

I know some bakers like to “embellish” the instructions and add their own thing in. That is only for the more experienced bakers out there.

2) You should have your ingredients in front of you. It saves time by not having to chase everything down. Plus, it makes you look more organized. One more tip is to clean as you go. I learned that a long time ago. It saves you from having to clean up a big mess later.

3) You need to know about the yeast you bought and where it comes from. That helps the process. Some experts recommend that you start with live yeast for baking. Dry will work if you cannot find the live yeast lying around.

4) You need to work with a scale, preferably a digital one. Some want to “chance it” by “guestimating” the ingredient proportions. You do not want to do that. Using too much or too little can cause your homemade bread to go south(even running the possibility of not rising).

5) You need to babysit the bread while it is baking in the oven. It is similar to a four-year-old being left home without the parents. There is going to be a problem. Keep an eye on the oven as much as possible. You could have issues like being left in too long or not browning enough on one side.