How often do you trim your hair? Well, did you know that some people can stay for up to 10 years without seeing the barber? Yes, the Guinness World of Records holder for the most extended hair goes to Xie Qiuping. She has had her hair who has uncut for 21 years! The last time it was measured, it reached 11 feet and 9 inches. Well, this next story of the former bride to be is not different.

Daddy’s Little Girl
Most women strive to keep their hair long. So, did Holly, a Florida based bride to be. First, growing hair to such lengths is never smooth. Think of the special diets, daily brushing routines, and washing and conditioning for hours. Need I say, a poor choice of hair products can leave you with permanent damage on your crown? Well, Holy went through all that and still keep her spirit high. More so, when her daddy told her that her beauty is in her long hair. She was daddy’s little girl. And, so she kept growing her hair. For 30 straight years!

Her Old Look
Holly had hip length hair that comprised of two-toned color shade with blonde towards the edges. The wavy hair was full and daring, but not quite for a bride on her big day. She knew that with the right professionals, she could pull off any look she wanted.

Time for a Change
As a soon bride to be, Holly wanted to experiment with different outfits and hairstyles. She had to look stunning on her big day. That’s why the thought of trimming her hair popped in her mind. For the first time in 30 years, she wanted to wear a short hair look.

The Makeover
Avant-Garde Salon was Holy’s choice for hairdressers. So, when Jeremy Harfield saw the hip length hair, he was astounded. The hair was quite healthy and robust for that length. Hence, Jeremy’s creative side kicked in. He opted to try out a funky, yet trendy look by trimming the hair by two feet. It worked.

Final Touches
Even after the trim, the stylists felt they could do more about Holy’s hair color. That’s why they called in Sara Pestella, their colorist, to come and do her magic. When Sarah took over, she decided to go with accents. So, for the next 7 hours, the colorist did what she knew best to layer the hair. More so, she wanted to stress Holy’s makeup with the blonde layers.

Did It Work?
Yes! After almost a day, holy had the transformation to wow her guests on her wedding day. From the hip lengthy full hair look, Holy now had a shoulder-length blonde with lots of hair for its body. Then, she coupled this new hairdo with the bridal makeup for a stunning look.

Any Regrets?
None whatsoever. In the before and after photos, Holy looked beautiful, yet different. That is what Holy wanted. Indeed, she had no disappointments cutting off her hair after 30 years.

Do you think Holy made the right decision to chop her hair after 30 years? What other hairstyles do you think she should have explored to rock it on her wedding day? Yet, if you like the new Holy, why not share these steps she took to achieve it?