If you’ve seen any of the James Bond movies, then you know that there is no lack of girls in bathing suits. The movie is celebrating 55 years in 2017, so the franchise thought that it might be fun to look at how the original Bond girls were compared to how they look in today’s movies. The results might surprise some.

In 1962, Ursula Andress walked onto the scene wearing a two-piece bathing suit. The white suit stood out while she walked on the sand to meet James Bond. Another scene in 1963 with Daniela Bianchi features the actress laying on a bed covered in nothing but a white sheet. These images are similar to what you might see in a mild action movie today.

Some of the women in the movies are covered in gold while others have on modest bathing suits while they are in the ocean. There are a few women who are dressed in normal clothing while sitting in a car. Most of the women in the movies have their hair pulled up so that you can see the beauty of the face. Some women do show a bit of cleavage. As the years go by, the amount of clothing is less than what the movie series started with. You’ll also see that the women are a bit more active and have control of guns and other weapons.