People often use science to try to disprove the existence of Jesus.

The Bible is supposed to be accepted by faith, but this is something that non-believers do not have. However, a team of scientists has discovered something that proves the existence of the Christian God.

Robert Hutchinson is a scholar. He has written about his findings in a book entitled ” Searching For Jesus.” One of the things that scientists have discovered is the tomb of James, who was Jesus’s brother.

This was discovered back in 2002. They also found the tomb of Caiphas back in 1990. New Testament scholars have verified that the tombs are real.

Robert called the discoveries revolutionary. He also stated that he finds it out that no one is talking about these discoveries on social media.Despite the fact that these discoveries have been reported, many people are still repeating the same theories.

Many people believe that Jesus was just a prophet. Others believe that he was simply a good man.

However, these beliefs contradict all of the beliefs of the Bible. More information about who Jesus is can be found in Robert’s book “Searching For Jesus.” Robert stated that what is in his book should completely disprove the false beliefs about Jesus.

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