On Monday, April 3rd a heartbreaking announcement was made by Judy Farrell’s family as they confirmed the passing of this beloved and talented actress from her iconic role in MAS*H, Nurse Able at 84 years old.

For over five decades, Farrell’s acting career included a plethora of acclaimed TV shows and movies. However, it was her part as the caring yet strong Nurse Able in MAS*H that earned her both recognition from critics and adoration from viewers all over the globe.

On November 1, 1938, in Quapaw Oklahoma, the world welcomed Farrell into its arms. She began her career on stage before exploding onto television screens across America during the sixties. It all started with a debut performance on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and continued to captivate audiences through roles in shows like “Hogan’s Heroes,” “The Love Boat,” and of course, fan favorite – “Happy Days”!

It was her powerful portrayal of Nurse Able in the hit show MAS*H, however, that solidified Farrell as a household name. She joined the cast during its fourth season in 1975 and remained until it ended after eleven seasons in 1983. Her adept performance earned her an army of fans and rave reviews from critics alike.

After MAS*H wrapped up, Farrell went on to star in several hit television programs and films. She can be seen delivering outstanding performances in “The Cool Kids,” “Grace and Frankie,” and, of course, her iconic role as Fran Fine from “The Nanny.”

Though she achieved prominent success as an actress, Farrell consistently kept her head up high and was dedicated to her craft. She was renowned for being kind-hearted and sympathetic both on the set and beyond it. In addition to acting, Farrell also passionately served as a nurse who provided attentive care for those with dementia; It is this selflessness that now serves as the core of her legacy.

The sudden death of Farrell has been met with an immense wave of sorrow and compassion from her beloved fans and colleagues. Countless are flooding social media with their tributes, sharing remembrances, as well as favorite moments featuring the remarkable actress.

Farrell left behind two sons and an array of grandchildren who will miss her dearly. Although they feel the deepest sorrow, their grief is shared by many friends and fans worldwide.

The entertainment industry, as well as the entire world, has suffered a deep loss with Judy Farrell’s untimely passing. She was an astonishing actress and nurse whose devoted service to others left an indelible mark on many hearts; her legacy will continue to bring joy for years through her performances and beloved memories.