Many people were deeply impacted by the recent loss of gaming CEO Robert A. Altman. The 73-year-old man passed away as a result of medical complications. Altman was both well known and loved by a large community of people. Needless to say that his entire family was devastated by the loss. However, there’s one person whose life has been almost defined by the tragedy – his wife Lynda Carter. Of course, Carter herself is a well-known figure. The world has been recently reintroduced to the character of Wonder Woman. But it was Carter who first made the character a household name by portraying her on TV. To this day many people feel that she defined the role for any other actress who takes on the challenge. But even Wonder Woman would be hard hit by the type of loss suffered by Carter. The pair had been married for a full 37 years. In a world where even marriages are often short-lived, this type of relationship is nothing short of amazing. And amazement also describes the feelings shared by the couple. It’s said that Altman outright worshipped his wife. And Carter’s own mourning highlights just how much she meant to him as well.

In the months since his death, Carter has been doing her best to honor Altman’s memory. But she’s been confronted by events that are hardly rare among widows and widowers. People often mean well when they try to step into the mourning process. But people who’ve tried to get Carter back into the dating world have run into a reaction equally common throughout the history of true love. You can’t simply replace a person-shaped hole in someone’s life. Carter’s friends and family relate stories of how the widow is continually taken aback by the loss. She wakes up every morning to remember the fact that he’s gone. Their 20,000 square foot Georgian-style mansion was once filled with smiles and laughter. But those are now a memory of the past. This type of reaction is quite normal for people who’ve suffered such a loss. And it’s little wonder that people who’ve attempted to get her back into dating are meeting with resistance. It’s normal to want to help people who are suffering. But trying to replace the person who’s been lost seldom works out very well. Carter’s intense love for her husband seems to be directing her to healthier ways to cope with the loss.

It’s obvious that the widow will never forget her husband. It’s a rare individual who’d even want to forget a lost loved one after their loss. But what can help with a lost love is sharing those memories with others. And that’s exactly how Carter’s been coping with her grief. She’s obviously close with her children. But she and her daughter Jessica have always been especially close. They share a lot of emotional bonds. But it’s both a love of music and of Altman that shine most brightly within their connection. The pair have even recorded a duet together. Friends say that the pair love to perform together. And of course, Carter is always a given when her daughter has a local performance. It’s even expected that she’ll come up on stage with her daughter on an upcoming performance in NYC. One can only hope that these and similar chances to embrace her emotions will help the widow find peace.