As it happens, Kelsey Grammar is no stranger to tragedy but not a lot of people know all of the horrors he has endured. That’s why he agreed to sit down to talk about what he has been through, how it has affected him over the years, and how he has been able to keep on going in the face of such horrific trauma. It all started when he was 6 and a stranger killed his dad after breaking into their home back in the fall of 1968. Unfortunately, the later years were not much better for him. 7 years later, his sister was kidnapped and raped. It was not until they finally were able to locate her that they discovered she had also been killed. Things never got much better for him as the ’80s came around. This is when his 2 half brothers went scuba diving and never came back. Their bodies were later recovered from the bottom of the ocean floor and he was left to grieve once again. After all this, it came as no surprise when he turned to drugs to help numb the pain.

He kept doing these drugs while he was shooting Fraiser and it got so bad that at some point his castmates had to intervene. They actually went to his house to let him know just how destructive his behaviors had been and had no idea what they were going to walk into. They were not even sure if he was still alive at this point. Their efforts proved to be a success when he finally agreed to check himself into rehab in the summer of 96. In addition to all of that, he has also had to deal with quite a few failed marriages over the years. The worst one was when he was separating from Camille as it made a lot of headlines over the years when things started to get ugly between them. It didn’t make it any better that his 4 kids got dragged him into things as they tried to make their divorce as amicable as possible. Of course, he has since been able to settle down with a new wife, Kayte Walsh, with whom he now has 3 kids.

Talking to the press about his struggles over the years, he says he has been blessed as he gets to have a lot of fresh starts. He also says that his kids are one of the best joys he could possibly have in life and that there’s been a lot of satisfaction in his life as he looks to the future. In addition to this, he has a few projects in the offing. At the moment, he is going around plugging his new film the god committee which is now in theaters as well as on amazon. He is also hard at work shooting his new series which is set to be released on paramount and will be a reboot of one of the most successful spin-offs of all time, Frasier. He went on to add that the key to getting past hardship is to take it one day at a time and keep your head held high. So he is hoping for better days ahead as he continues to succeed in life.