Country superstar Luke Bryan found himself in an unexpected and uproarious situation during his performance at the Coast City Country festival in Vancouver, Canada. The culprit? A fan’s innocuous cellphone.

In a moment that sent shockwaves through the crowd, Bryan took a dramatic tumble, landing squarely on his back, all thanks to the misplaced gadget. As he lay there, amidst laughter and gasps from the audience, he couldn’t resist a quip: “You’re Snapchatting. You can’t Snapchat this s – – t,” he jestingly admonished the fan.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Bryan, ever the showman, quickly regained his composure, asking the audience if anyone had managed to capture the hilarious incident. “Did anybody get that?” he inquired, adding with a chuckle, “It’s OK. Hey, my lawyer will be calling.”

In a world where viral moments reign supreme, Bryan seemed to embrace the mishap with open arms. “I need something viral, this is viral, all right,” he declared with a grin as he replayed the footage to the delight of the crowd.

Taking to social media the following day, Bryan shared a montage from his tour, showcasing not only his resilience but also his ability to turn even the most unexpected situations into entertainment. With the hashtag #MindOfACountryBoyTour, he invited fans to join him on his musical journey.

But this wasn’t Bryan’s first encounter with onstage mishaps. Last year, during his Raised Up Right Tour, he experienced a similar tumble in Raleigh, North Carolina, proving that even seasoned performers aren’t immune to the occasional slip-up.

While Bryan’s onstage antics often steal the spotlight, he’s also been making waves on the small screen as a judge on “American Idol.” However, his involvement in the show hasn’t been without its own share of drama, as evidenced by a recent wardrobe malfunction incident involving fellow judge Katy Perry.

Despite the mishaps and mayhem, Bryan continues to captivate audiences with his undeniable talent and infectious charm. Whether he’s crooning from the stage or cracking jokes with his fellow judges, one thing’s for certain: Luke Bryan knows how to keep the show rolling, no matter what obstacles come his way.