Pranks have quickly become one of the top sources for entertainment on YouTube. YouTube is the number two most used social media site in the world, second only to Facebook. So, it was a no-brainer once pranks became some of the most popular content on the platform that everybody would hop on board. Some YouTube pranks are in clean, good fun while some are quite controversial.

Some people just look to fool others and some even hand out gifts such as money or expensive items as a “prank”. All in all, one of the more popular pranks at a whopping 8.6 million views at the time of this writing is the “dirty bathing suit” prank. The wildly popular YouTube channel known as Break is known for uploading viral videos.

Everything from pranks to fail compilations can be found on the channel. This particular light hearted dirty bathing suit prank however is one of the most unusual ones.

The premise of the prank is for a young and attractive woman to go to the beach and ask random people to put sunscreen on her back for her. She states that her friends were supposed to be there with her though they decided not to come so now she is in a bit of a dilemma.

Of course to no surprise, everyone shown had problem helping her out. And then with no warning, the prank actually begins. As soon as she lays down on her stomach to prepare for the stranger to put sunscreen on her back, a very noticeable brown stain can be seen on the backside of her all white bathing suit. Some people chose to point it out to her while others were to uncomfortable to do so.

It was clear that everyone she called over for assistance seemed to notice the stain. It was very humorous to see everyone’s reactions and I am sure those in the video were also able to get a kick out of it as well.

One thing to be always amazed by in YouTube pranks is the fearlessness of the prankster. Most pranks involve the prankster having to look very silly or having to place themselves in an awkward or embarrassing situation in order to successfully pull off the prank and make it funny to their viewers.

To see people create entire brands and followings off these type of situations is a special thing to watch unfold. To be able to have zero fear of looking silly at the price of making other people smile is a truly wonderful thing to do as long as the pranks are harmless and in good fun. I think back to some of the earliest days of stand up comedy as we know it with stars like Andy Kaufman. Kaufman had a history of acting so wild on stage people couldn’t tell if it was an act or if what was being presented to them was his true self.

YouTube pranks are in the same vein. This young woman in the dirty bathing suit prank went home that day with dozens of people thinking she had a rather large brown stain on her bikini bottom and it did not seem to bother her in the slightest. I admire the courage and carelessness in the way that others may view you. What a prank and Break is definitely a channel to tune into for the foreseeable future.