There’s no doubt that if we won the lottery, it would change our lives. When it comes to winning the lottery, most people think about themselves and how this money might improve their lives. But for this selfless UK woman, it’s all about giving back to others.

Frances Connolly, a 55-year-old resident of Northern Ireland, claimed the EuroMillions prize in 2019. The former social worker and educator pocketed £115 million, which is about $145 million in the lottery!

The first thing she did after receiving a large sum of money was to share it with friends and family.

Her primary motivation for giving back was to do so in the event that she wins a lottery jackpot. And this is precisely what she did. Her most significant beneficiary, though, wasn’t her domestic or social circle.

Connolly used her winnings to establish two charitable organizations. One was named for her mother, Kathleen Graham, who died in 1992. The PFC Trust is still headquartered in Northern Ireland and supports local caregivers, the elderly, and refugees.

Connolly isn’t new to volunteering in the community. As a youngster, Connolly volunteered with St. John Ambulance and acquired first-aid training. She was also a member of an AIDS helpline in Belfast, where she assisted in running it. But this time, she believes she has given away more than half of all the money she’s earned. Her husband was even kept out of the loop this time around.

“If I had any advice for a winner… I’d say money liberates you to be the person that you want to be,” she told BBC in an interview. When asked whether she was pleased to part with so much money, she simply said, “Why wouldn’t you? I’ve done that all my life.”

To further improve her community, she has started a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people who are suffering economically or otherwise. She also gave the elderly tablets so they may stay in touch with their relatives at all times. According to her own words, it is like an addiction for her to assist others. There are no intentions of quitting any time soon.

She gave £5,000 to Ukrainian refugees so that they could purchase clothing and hygiene products. She also stated that she would be a billionaire if she had kept all of the money she has donated.

She isn’t a fan of luxury. They continue to live an ordinary lifestyle. She felt it would be more beneficial to use the money to assist others. “If you can do good things for deserving people, why wouldn’t you just do it. It makes no sense to me to have that kind of money and not use it to do good in the world,” she said.

In reality, Mr. Connolly is still in charge of the company’s polymers division, and she is in charge of charity initiatives.

They didn’t forget themselves, of course.

The couple bought a six-bedroom house with seven acres of property in County Durham, something they had always wanted. That is by far the most significant investment they made with the funds earned. Mr. Connolly also drives an old Aston Martin.