Lindsey Pelas is a model, actress, and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Louisiana and went to college at Louisiana State University. Pelas started her modeling career as a teenager and later moved on to acting. After she finished with school, she left for Los Angeles, California where she pursued modeling and acting full-time.

Pelas has appeared in TV series such as “Drop Dead Diva” as well as commercials such as those for TGI Friday’s Restaurant and WWE Network. In 2016, Pelas had the opportunity to compete on “Dancing With The Stars.” She partnered with Sasha Farber who was also a professional dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance.” They lasted till the sixteenth episode of the show.

After her success on “Dancing With The Stars,” Pelas continued acting on television and was even able to release a single, entitled “All Nighter.” She has more than 7 million followers on Instagram, more than 2.7M followers on Twitter, and almost 1M subscribers on YouTube.

In 2016 she launched her own line of swimwear called “The Lindsey Pelas Collection” as well as a YouTube video series called “PELASTIC!”

Lindsey Pelas is known for her curvy figure. She has been featured in magazines such as “Maxim.” However, she does not see herself as just a symbol. Rather she views herself as an entrepreneur.

When asked how people react when they discover that she models, Pelas responded by saying:

It’s a very polarizing topic. People love it or they hate it. I’ve been given some benefit of the doubt because I have a pretty face and people like to say that my personality is what shines through. But on the other side, there are some who call me “fake,” which doesn’t make any sense to me at all; you either are or you aren’t! You can’t be fake real.

People have also criticized her for looking too “fake” due to the plastic surgery she has had. Pelas has denied these claims and said that people do not know what she went through to get the look that she has. She has stated,

I wouldn’t sacrifice my health for a job that’s only going to last as long as I look good. I’m not doing anything dangerous, but the normal rules of society don’t really apply when you’re an entertainer.

When asked about her claims, she responded by saying:

For me, it’s all about the symmetry‚ĶIf things are deviated in any way, it looks fake to me. I’m not trying to look like somebody else. I’m just trying to enhance what I’ve been given.

Pelas is also a businesswoman who has her own line of swimwear. In an interview with “InStyle” magazine, Pelas said:

“It was really important for me to make a swimsuit line that would make all women feel beautiful, regardless of their size. I know how hard it is to find a good-fitting bathing suit, so I wanted to create something that would solve that problem.”

The “Lindsey Pelas Collection” is available online and includes bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups.