In the heart of New York City, a legal battle is brewing between a Rockland County man and the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s. Charles Olsen, a young man with a severe milk allergy, is taking on the fast-food giant, alleging that a Big Mac nearly cost him his life. The twist? It wasn’t the beef or the bun that posed the threat, but a single, stray slice of cheese.

According to Olsen’s lawsuit, filed recently in state Supreme Court, the harrowing incident unfolded after he ordered a cheese-less Big Mac via the DoorDash delivery app. Despite his explicit request to hold the American cheese, the burger that arrived at his doorstep contained the very ingredient he had sought to avoid.

Upon taking a bite, Olsen immediately sensed something was amiss. His throat began to itch and swell, while a burning sensation coursed through his body. With panic setting in, he realized the source of his distress: there was milk in the burger, triggering a severe allergic reaction.

In a frantic rush to save his life, Olsen’s girlfriend raced him to the hospital, where doctors fought to stabilize him as he battled anaphylaxis. It was a close call, with Olsen teetering on the brink of needing intubation to survive.

Now, Olsen is seeking accountability from McDonald’s, emphasizing the need for food establishments to take allergies seriously. His lawsuit underscores the absence of clear allergy warnings or protocols to prevent cross-contamination—a critical oversight that put his life in jeopardy.

For Olsen, this isn’t just about seeking compensation; it’s about catalyzing change. He’s joined by his legal team, led by attorney Jory Lange, who paints a vivid picture of the trauma his client endured. Imagine, Lange suggests, enjoying a meal only to find your throat constricting, your breath faltering—a nightmare scenario for anyone.

McDonald’s, for its part, has remained tight-lipped about the incident, offering a boilerplate statement affirming its commitment to customer safety. But as Olsen’s lawsuit unfolds, the fast-food giant may find itself compelled to confront the glaring gaps in its food preparation practices.

As the legal battle unfolds, one thing is clear: for Olsen and others like him, dining out shouldn’t be a gamble with their lives. It’s a call to action for food establishments everywhere to prioritize safety and accountability, ensuring that every bite is a source of joy, not peril.