It’s difficult enough to make and retain money; but when crooks and swindlers attempt to steal from us illegally, we become enraged. Scammers are continuously devising innovative methods to commit identity theft and defraud honest citizens. We recently showed security camera footage from a convenience store where pickpockets were stealing your credit card information without requiring you to use your card.

Today, we’d like to show you one of the most recent scams targeting customers at grocery stores all around the country. As seen in closed circuit security video, one con artist creeps up on a female shopper and attempts to commit his crime.

You might not realize it, but you have a lot of power to prevent this new rip-off. However, if you are not aware and do not use your situational awareness, you may be taken advantage of by a criminal such as the one depicted in the video. Because being defrauded in this manner is avoidable, security specialists urge everyone to remain alert and on the lookout for this frightening new development, which is affecting customers all across the United States.

Shopping, in particular at a grocery store, is probably familiar to you. However, as you’ll discover, this common behavior puts your personal information and identity at risk more than you may imagine.

In a segment called “The Case of the Missing Purse,” Inside Edition investigated this surge in thievery. The reporters assigned to the story sent in their moles to record and reveal the crime on television, reaching millions of people.

Most people would believe that purse grabbers operate alone and take whatever they can when they find it. But, in fact, Inside Edition revealed the truth about this practice. These thieves do not work alone, as many people may suppose. Instead, they have a collaborator in crime who significantly increases their chances of success.

Watch as the two frauds approach a lady who is shopping for fruit at the grocery store in the video news.

They flee with her wallet since they have gotten the upper hand on her. And the victim is unaware she was just mugged. That’s why Inside Edition deployed its reporters undercover to expose the newest grocery store fad and identify the criminals in action.

Inside Edition teamed up with security specialist Bill Stanton to assist protect people who watch at home.

“It is so quick, people don’t know it’s happening,” says Stanton. No matter where you live, if you leave your wallet or purse in your grocery cart, you’re putting yourself at risk of this scary trend.

Thousands of people left comments on the video you’ll be seeing below.

Shelly O. commented, “Never turn your back leaving your purse unattended. Always keep the basket in front of you. I always keep mine in front of me, plus I tie it with the child belt. I also carry pepper spray.”

The best way to avoid purse-snatchers is to be prepared. Crooks will have a much harder time snatching your personal belongings if you keep your handbag in view and are vigilant about your surroundings.