At 67 years old, Jaspers is a kindergarten teacher at Mamie Aplon Primary School. She has dedicated her life to providing the city with exceptional service. However, a single blunder might result in her spending a year in jail and paying a large fine. What she did was unconscionable. It was beyond disgraceful and many individuals think she deserves to learn the lesson for her conduct the hard way.

The teacher was initially charged with a misdemeanor of “official suppression,” but she will never be seen in the same light again.

The prosecutors were vociferous and blunt in their comments. According to reports, this well-respected Few Primary School teacher forced one child to “eat his own feces” as a form of discipline. Dr. Steve Hyden of the Jasper Independent School District said that the allegations were reported on the same day as the teacher compelled this youngster to eat poop.

The prosecution claims that the occurrence should worry all parents. According to the authorities, Aplon told a two-year-old boy to “eat his own feces” on September 25th and also extremely humiliating and undignified treatment.

The allegations were addressed by the school district’s Superintendent Dr. Hyden through a statement. Aplon was immediately placed on administrative leave as soon as this came to light. The superintendent told 12 News, “The district has cooperated fully during the investigation of this matter and will continue to do so. As this is a sensitive student and personnel matter, the district cannot provide further details about the incident. However, the issue of the safety and well-being of Jasper students is our top priority. ”

On October 31, 2019, a month after the crime occurred, the teacher was indicted by a Jasper County grand jury. According to the indictment, Aplon, actuated by a depraved and sadistic mindset, caused E.J., the victim, to suffer horrible acts of maltreatment at the hands of his teacher that were “unlawful.”

Aplon has not yet been tried and convicted, but she is presumed to be guilty pending further investigation. She will have to appear in court to defend herself if her guilt is proven. However, if convicted, she may face a year in prison and a fine of up to $4,000. This might seem little compared to the punishment meted out for other individuals, but it is an issue for a senior citizen like her.

Despite the fact that these allegations were terrible and inexcusable, her friends and coworkers rushed to her side. They said she’s a wonderful instructor who is extremely compassionate. They said she “loves all of her pupils,” and they added that she was not the sort of person who would do something like this to an innocent child.

Some of her supporters on social media stepped up to defend her. “Mamie Aplon is one of my dearest friends,” Nancy Pace stated. “Many times I’ve said that I need to write a book with the title Everything I Know About Teaching I Learned at Recess.” For the past two years, this lady has been taking me for recess, and she sure did teach me a lot about teaching.”

Aplon is the daughter of former Jasper Mayor R.C. Horn. She was arraigned before County Judge Mark Allen several weeks ago when her bond was set at $10,000.