KFC devotees are despondent with the changes that this fast-food chicken joint is making to elevate its revenue. With some menu items such as popcorn chicken and wings, along with Nashville Hot sauce, strawberry lemonade, and chocolate chip, cookies being removed from KFC restaurants everywhere; there has been much change in regards to their offerings. Yet one thing will remain constant – KFC’s original Colonel Sanders recipe consisting of eleven herbs and spices.

YUM! Brands, the parent company of KFC, recently declared that a “menu simplification” will soon come into fruition in order to boost their employees’ efficiency and make it easier for customers to place orders by limiting their options. This strikes us as an effective decision; one which is sure to bring plenty of positive outcomes in both customer satisfaction and operational success.

KFC’s decision to pare down its menus is not only intended to make their operations more efficient, but it also enables them to concentrate on developing exciting new products that will tantalize American customers.

“It’s really to deliver our most popular products perfectly each time and to actually make room for new products.” KFC U.S. Director Brittany Wilson stated.

Get ready for exciting changes in your local KFC restaurant’s menu! The company is eliminating its popular items to “make room for this big spring of innovation that KFC has coming.” So, don’t miss out and come by soon – you won’t want to miss what’s coming next!

A multitude of factors contributed to the dishes chosen for removal from the menu, including they “weren’t available on a national scale or that [they] haven’t necessarily been growing on a national sales mix,” Wilson stated.

It appears that the newly implemented menu changes have been beneficial for some franchise owners. Justin Stewart, a KFC franchise owner and COO of Stewart Restaurant Group, shares how his employees are already experiencing its advantages. Reportedly, they can now package orders faster in addition to improved drive-thru speeds. It’s safe to say that their efforts in this endeavor have not gone unnoticed!

“Our team members have been able to package orders more quickly due to having less items on our pack line. As a result, we’ve reduced our drive-through order time by 11 seconds.”

Intouch Insight’s 2022 Annual Drive-Thru Study uncovered that the average KFC drive-thru customer waits 63.6 seconds for their order and the entire service time is around 4 minutes, equaling 239.02 seconds – all while there are usually two cars in queue!

According to Stewart, streamlining the menu has resulted in a drastic uptick of order accuracy.

“By removing less popular menu items, we’ve improved order accuracy and product availability overall and created space in the back of the house. We’ve also reduced our controllable costs because of less waste, less prep, and less cleanup time.”

According to Stewart, his customers are delighted with the menu transformation as it allows them “to navigate the new menu board more quickly and easily.”

What would you say is your opinion on the revamped KFC menu?