Kelly Clarkson, the renowned songstress, has lifted the veil on her remarkable journey of transformation, leaving the world astounded. Speculation has been rife surrounding the 41-year-old’s wellness odyssey, particularly since she has been vocal about her commitment to both physical and mental well-being. However, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Clarkson bares all, providing a captivating glimpse into the secrets behind her radiant appearance and unwavering confidence.

In her quest for self-improvement, Clarkson made a pivotal decision to relocate to the bustling streets of New York City, where she embarked on a rigorous regimen to attain her desired physique. Embracing the vibrant energy of the city, she divulged her newfound love for activities like city strolls and rejuvenating infrared saunas. “Walking in the city is quite the workout. I’m really into infrared saunas right now. And I just got a cold plunge because everybody wore me down,” she confessed, as reported by TODAY.

When it comes to nutrition, the multifaceted artist follows a balanced approach. “I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor – a couple years I didn’t,” she revealed. “And 90% of the time I’m really good at it because a protein diet is good for me anyway. I’m a Texas girl, so I like meat – sorry, vegetarians in the world!” Despite her dedication to healthy eating, Clarkson doesn’t shy away from indulging occasionally. “But I still splurge,” she admitted. “The other night I had a frozen yogurt with my daughter, and it was magical.”

Clarkson’s journey hasn’t been solely about physical transformation; she bravely addresses the emotional turmoil she faced following her highly publicized divorce. Reflecting on her tumultuous past, she turned to her music as a form of catharsis, pouring her heart into her latest album, Chemistry. “I didn’t see it other than: This is my outlet. I’m a let-go person; I don’t hold grudges,” she reflected. “So it was really delving into what happened in my life and why – and what am I going to do about it?”

In navigating through the depths of despair, Clarkson found solace in therapy, emphasizing its importance in her journey towards healing. “I cannot express how appreciative I feel for having that kind of healthy outlet,” she remarked. “Because the level of depression and things that come with divorce or grieving is extraordinarily hard. You feel alone, and it’s just a blessing to be able to have that outlet for those emotions that are overwhelming.”

As the interview draws to a close, Clarkson’s resilient spirit shines through, echoing a sentiment of empowerment. “Finally releasing it [was] like, ‘I’m taking my power back,'” she asserted. “That sounds very therapy, but that’s because I love therapy, and I think it’s important to have those tools to navigate your life and relationships.”

In unveiling the truth behind her metamorphosis, Kelly Clarkson emerges not only as an icon of physical beauty but also as a beacon of resilience and self-discovery. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of determination, self-care, and the unwavering pursuit of personal growth.