In a candid revelation that has left fans inspired, Kelly Clarkson recently opened up about the remarkable journey that led to her dramatic weight loss. Known for her powerhouse vocals and infectious personality, the 41-year-old singer has always been in the spotlight. Over the years, she’s been open about her struggles with weight, particularly after her two challenging pregnancies. However, there’s a deeper story behind her newfound physique that has been unveiled.

During a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Grammy-winning artist sat down with actor Kevin James, where her stunning transformation became the topic of conversation. As James complimented her appearance, Clarkson decided to share her personal health journey.

“I was told I was pre-diabetic,” she revealed. “That’s literally what happened… and well, I wasn’t shocked. I was a tiny bit overweight. But I wasn’t shocked by it. They were like, ‘You’re pre-diabetic. You’re right on the borderline.’ And I was like, ‘But I’m not there yet,'” she quipped.

It took two years for Clarkson to take action after receiving this health warning. She emphasized that her motivation came from within, and she decided, “OK, I’ll do something about it.” This decision marked the beginning of her inspiring transformation.

Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey isn’t just about shedding pounds; it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle. She credits her two children, River Rose and Remington Alexander, for playing a significant role in her newfound fitness. The mother-of-two shared that their activities, such as walking the dogs, visiting the park, indulging in ice cream, and making slime, have become a part of her active routine. She humorously acknowledged that her daughter’s persistence often leads to those ice cream trips.

In her pursuit of well-being, Clarkson has ventured into the world of infrared saunas and even adopted cold plunges. These unconventional methods may not be for everyone, but they work for her. She’s also conscious of her diet, prioritizing advice from her doctor, which she admitted she didn’t always follow.

“I eat a healthy mix. I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor – a couple of years I didn’t,” she confessed. “And 90 percent of the time I’m really good at it because a protein diet is good for me anyway. I’m a Texas girl, so I like meat – sorry, vegetarians in the world!” she humorously added.

Clarkson’s journey to health and self-confidence has not been without its challenges. Even during her time on American Idol, she faced body-shaming comments. However, she has always been confident in her skin and quick to shut down any negativity. “Yeah, you know, that’s just what I’m rocking. It’s fine,” she asserted.

Kelly Clarkson’s transformation serves as an inspiring reminder that health should always be a priority. Her openness about her struggles and triumphs has endeared her to fans even more. As she continues to shine on stage and in her talk show, her journey towards a healthier self is an inspiring testament to the power of determination and self-love.