The Internal Revenue Service has placed a hold on four of Kanye West’s bank accounts because the rapper owes the federal government $50 million in taxes, according to Kanye Wes himself.

West, who now goes by Ye, made the revelation during an interview with right-leaning podcaster Tim Pool.

After Ye’s latest anti-Semitic comments about Jewish control of the media were pushed back on by the host of “Timcast IRL”,Ye abruptly ended the interview.

The rapper appeared on the podcast alongside white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes and media personality Milo Yiannopoulos, who is now associated with Ye’s presidential campaign.

Last week, Fuentes and Ye went to dinner with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, which caused quite a stir.

Before getting into the sticky questions, Ye spoke candidly about his finances.

When asked about taxes during a recent podcast appearance, Kanye West said that his “finance people” have told him he will “have to pay a lot of taxes.”

“I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying to put me in prison this morning,” Ye stated. “But I found out — okay, so they froze, they put a $75 million hold on four of my accounts.”

“And then they said, ‘You owe a lot of taxes.’ Took me like six hours to find out how much ‘a lot’ was,” Ye stated.

“Well, it was around $50 million.”

Ye admitted he was “obviously not the most financially literate person on the planet.” He said that he asked several CFOs who were associated with his businesses whether he is avoiding taxes.

“So now I’m having — I get to actually learn how to run a company. I get to learn how to, you know, to count, really,” Ye stated.

“It’s like I didn’t even know where to put the money.”

In the past two months, Ye has gotten a lot of bad press that have made him lose sponsorships with big companies like Adidas and Gap.

Adidas announced an internal investigation after Ye was accused of displaying pornographic material to staff members. The Yeezy brand founder has a partnership with the German sports apparel company.

Adidas cut their business relationship with Ye last month after the rapper unleashed an anti-Semitic tirade on social media. Another corporate partner that sold Ye’s apparel line, Gap, also dropped him in the wake of his incendiary remarks.

In 2013, Ye and Adidas came together to sell his Yeezy shoe line.

The company received backlash for not detaching from the former billionaire sooner, something many people accredited to Adidas almost making $2 billion in sales last year off of Ye-branded shoes, as stated by Morgan Stanley.

According to Forbes, Ye’s ended partnerships have reduced his net worth from an projected $2 billion to a measly $400 million.