James Troiano and Marcia Silva from New Jersey have reputed a case involving a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy.

Both judges have come to the conclusion that the 16 year old boy should not be a part of a legal proceeding in an adult court. The appeals court has sent out a request for reconsideration of the decision that was made.

James Troiano’s judgment about the young boy who raped the young girl, assumes that this was an act of immaturity, and stated that the boy is a “smart student” and acknowledges that the boy made a poor decision.

Judge Silva has proposed that no further harm was inflicted to the victim after the incident. She reported that the victim did not suffer any injuries physically or mental after the rape.

Both judges have come to the conclusion that this act was one due to poor judgment of the young man onto the young women. They have considered the young boys background in his performance at school and describes him as a very good student with a bright future.

Teresa Younger, the president of the Ms. Foundation for women has proposed that in situations like this one, very often you will see a pattern of where the court system will choose the defendant over the victim. She claims that even when the judge is a women, they will choose the defendant over the victim.

Patricia Teffenhart claims that events like these is a nightmare for a victim. Patricia Teffehart is a director of the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Cases like these happen often and the survivors have to disclose their personal experience and now have to live with the event. The judgment one may have as a victim is something personal and my be difficult to deal with.

As the victim may have support from outside sources, both judges have now become a center of attention for personnel who have become aware of the story and the consequences that the young boy should deserve.

Both judges have agreed that the boy should not be punished in adult court due to the fact that as a teen, the young man has a long life ahead of him and even though he made a decision that affected the life of another, he should continue to have the opportunity to live his life without a criminal background. The young women has now become the center of attention for organizations that support victims of rape. Due to the age of the young women, she is supported by many, especially since her virginity was taken from her. This is an experience that will only come once in her life.

This case is still in process and many have a lot to say about how both judges have decided the fate of both teens involved in a rape case.